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Deus ex Machina 2.01b

This is the third release of Deus ex Machina. It fixes the two known bugs at the time of the release:
-Myth 2 claiming the 8-start has just 0 starting positions (declared fixed because I can't reproduce the error)
-One of the Capture the Flag flag tags (say that 3 times fast) being told not to be used in Capture the Flag games (clever, eh?)

This plug also features a more "Conan oriented" pregame picture.

Deus ex Machina would not be possible without the help of several people. These include but are not limited to:
-Agent Orange and Dvor, for testing the first edition
-A large chunk of CMG, for finding the hilarious CTF bug
-The fine people at Bungie and Metacreations and Adobe
-Donald "I'm a Fool to be your Dirty Lock" Fagan*
-Walter "Rikki Don't Lose that Bacon" Becker*
-All their studio musicians*

If you find a big bug in the new version, please e-mail epimetrius@aol.com and it will eventually be fixed and reposted as such.

Coming soon:
-Exciting CTF variations!
-More BryceȘ based mayhem!
-Oodles and oodles of new units (none of which are used in my maps)

...All this and more in Samgufu's next map... "On Top of the World!"

Thanks for playing!!!

*I do not actually know any of these people, nor do they know me, but I like their songs

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