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Welcom to Destruction Desert

Heres the rundown on things.

On this wonderful map you must learn to use the terrain around you to evade enemie attacks and to attack your enemies.

here are some of the weapons you will be using.

1. Timed Chaos --> this projectile looks like a small mortar round but don't be fooled, if only you were so lucky. this actually emitts 5-6 homing missles after a period of time. If u get one thrown at you, DUCK AND COVER. and run like a mad ass.

2. Plasma nade ----> this projectile looks like a small multy colored ball. Huge destructive area

3.Homing missle ---> these are tricky to master but once u do you will own your opponents, you must throw them a certain distance for them to work, if you throw too close they just sit suspended in air and explode you throw them too far and they just go right over your enemies head.

3. T power upgrade--> this projectile looks like a deformed little grey ball actually upgrades your t attack to missles. use t to fire

4. Throwing knife --> not hard to figure out. knock health down more then half with one hit so don't get hit.

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