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Desert of Dreams v2.0

Ok guys, great new haxxor map is out! WHOOOOT!!! A few things you should know about the new version...

1. Difficulty levels actually matter now. If it's on Timid, less units, Legendary, more units... ok? whooot!

2. Exploding Squirrels kick ass! whooot!

3. I enjoy cheese.

4. Thrall/Squirrels/Myrks/Beserk Heroes/Duff Heroes have new names and/or flavor text.

5. Bungie kicked ass.

Ok, hold on, I have to find a plug I DL'ed so I can do the nice lil Copyright sheeeyat. Hold on...

Ok, nm... Couldn't find it. Anyways, this thing was made with Fear and Loathing, yay Bungie. Yay Myth. F'Microsoft.

Thanks to : Pog, Cold Steel, Khel, Tea, and some other "Mind" dude who helped me test.


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