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“Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie’s Fear and Loathing by :Paul Holloway, pholloway8@hotmail.com”


Thank you for downloading the “Desert Storm” mapset. This plugin contains 4 meshes. The units are of different sorts and amounts whilst the actual map stays the same. The is a map for everyone in this mapset, if you like a small mount of units you will probably prefer “3 Hero’s” for example.

To use this plugin, place the file called "Desert_Strom_Mapset" into the plugins folder inside your Myth II folder.

The Maps

Fortress - Has 2 starting locations, each in its own natural encampment you will find that the 2 opposing teams start in opposite corners of the mesh. The units on this map are mostly dark units and this map contains “The Deceiver” on every game type. This map supports all games except Stampede and Hunting.

Cornered - Is actually what is sounds, 4 starting locations, 1 in each corner of the map. This map features mostly light units, and has plenty of them ranging from Trow to Ghols. You may actually find that you have more units on this map than Fortress, but on fortress the units are of a stronger sort.

Mayhem - Has 8 stating locations, each team has a group of around 20 men. Included in this is 2 un-tradeable wights so when all 8 teams are playing, in some cases you have 16 wights wandering around the map.

3 Hero’s - Features 3 Hero units, an Archer Hero, a Beserk Hero and a Heron Guard Hero. It again has 8 starting locations, but forces the player to conserve every bit of health and try to not lose a unit to be the winner of the game.

I am sure you will agree that I have provided you with a good set of map of which everyone will enjoy, so, ENJOY.


Brian Keith Milligan - For providing for me the textures I used to create the rock surround, and giving me loads of tips on how to use fear and loathing to their full potential.

My computer - for standing up to the hours of work I spent doing these maps

and to Bungie, for making this brilliant game that we can do all this for!!


When making this map, I did something rather silly, I was desperate to start putting the units on the map that I forgot to make the whole of the edging mountains impassable, Your units wont walk of the map as I made the very edges impassable, but, put them up there and you may not be able to get them back again because of the camera restrictions, so, be warned.

Before making this map I wanted to make a classical battle map, but, i don’t have the right programs to make units, so, if any of your are impressed with the map and can make units, please e-mail me via the e-mail above, if you would like to, next year, be involved in the project I never got to start. I will fill you in on the details on request.

Thank you

Paul Holloway

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