; Mythgraveyard

Desert Oasis
by AlphaNumeric

This map has no story, but, then again, does it really need one?

I'll let you work out the units, this read me gives a few tips to those who read them.

Firstly, this map has over 800 satchel charges on it. You'll imeadiately notice these. The main tip is for assasin. DO NOT USE YOUR FETCH IN THE WATER!! The water is full of satchels. Could be interesting if two players are having a melee....

The second and final tip is about unit trading. This map wasn't designed with certain unit setups in mind. You may find that to get a maximum of one unit type you will only be able to get three or four of a different kind. Keep this in mind, and choose units to suit your playing style.

Great list of tips eh?

This map is fantastic on slower computers. This is the first map (both Bungie and third party) to break the 20 fps barrier. Remember that. Maybe those with fast computers wont have an advantage anymore :)

Copyright 1998 in whole or part Bungie Software Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Bobby Beazley (AlphaNumeric) .

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