; Mythgraveyard

The zipped file contains a new map in three variants; 

Demolition Ground, Trainquility Ground, and Ruin Ground.

Author; Michy of Harajuku Drinkers.

Questions/comments to michy@tke.att.ne.jp

The mesh is based on Proving Grounds, and is remodelled to former a rounded clover leaf shape.
The pillars are still there, but the fences have been removed at the outer edges of the map, so yes! you can kill the peasants!! ( but they don't score for anything, at anytime, anywhere. It's just for the mindless violence fun of it ).
Healing roots can also be found at the far margins, and the centre of the map has a few nasty explosive surprises such as cannon balls, satchels, and big fat juicy pus packets.
ALL MESHES ARE EIGHT PLAYER START, and always include two non-tradable wights.
Game types for all three variants are;
Body Count, Steal The Bacon, Last man on the Hill, Capture the Flag, Territories, King of the Hill,
Hunting, Assassin.
Assassin target is always a baron, Hunting prey are always pigs. Lots and lots and lots of pigs.

Demolition Ground.
Did that get your attention? Hope so. This is the basic concept of Proving Grounds taken to the limit.
Well, ok, maybe not that far, there could have been five trow each. But if you want that, shop somewhere else.
Default units are; trow ( max 2 ), Warlock ( max 2 ), Heron Guards ( max 5 ), Ghols, ( max 5 ), Dwarven Mortars ( max 6 ), Mauls ( max 12 ), Warriors ( max 18 ).

Trainquility Ground.
LURN NEW SKILZ!! Warlock and bre Unor combination attacks without having to worry about getting kicked to oblivion by trow. WE ROOLZ @ GUYZ WHO THROW BONEZ!!That's a new thing to brag about, isn't it? Impress your friends! Impress your enemies even more by taking them down rapid fashion using pieces of airborne roadkill!
Default units are; Warlock ( max 2 ), bre Unor ( max 8 ), Brigands ( max 12 ), Dwarves ( max 6 ), Journeymen ( max 3 ), Thrall ( max 18 ), Ghols ( max 5 ).

Ruin Ground.
( almost ) EVERYONE'S A HERO.
Myrkridia ain't that tough when up against Heron Guard, Dwarven and Bowman heroes.
They can still annoy your opposition a lot, but this mesh is weighted in such a way as to make them sort of as effective as ghols are on a standard light map. This might give the poor things an identity crisis, but they're monsters so who cares. And they're ugly. And smell. In fact they are very similar to ghols, but enough.
This map is artillery on steroids, and will surely test your melee timing.
Default units are; Heron Guard Heroes ( max 5 ), Bowman Heroes ( max 4 ), Mauls ( max 16 ), Ghols ( max 6 ), Dwarf Heroes ( max 5 ), Fetch ( max 3 ), Myrkridia ( max 12 ).

All meshes created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing, copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation.


Thanks to all who gave their time and advice to beta test these new meshes.

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