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"Death in the Dire Marsh" is a netmap that shipped with the original Myth game, Myth: The Fallen Lords. This map is a reproduction of Dire for Myth 2, with certain liberties taken. It should bring back memories (bad or good!) for those already acquainted with the map from TFL.

Death in the Dire Marsh 2 was released 8/14/01.

General Notes:

In between jobs and out of school, I was bored when MWC2k1 ended for my team. So the next day I decided I'd port Dire for the hell of it, seeing as no one had yet. Dire was actually one of my favorite maps in TFL for Flag Rally, though it wasn't one of Bungie's best efforts. The map took about 12 hours to convert to Myth 2, not counting past efforts by M0bitz (and myself somewhat) to change over the scenery. The extra meshes are just something to have fun with.

Bowman Captains:

In TFL, fir'Bolg Heroes were beefy versions of their weaker cousins. They could take out a trow on Dire pretty quickly, but they were always targets for melee and other artillery. They were fun to use. The Archer Heroes of Myth 2, on the other hand, are arrow cannons, firing so rapidly that they tear down almost anything in their path. Since the name "Archer Hero" was taken and thus spoiled, I've used the name "Archer Captain" to represent a more TFL-like bowman. They fire at about the same rate as in TFL (a tad slower to account for the increased game speed), and carry 2 fire arrows. I didn't want to bother with the extra drive space the fir'Bolg collection would take.

Dwarven Heroes:

In Myth 2 Dwarven Heroes trade for 8 points, rather than 6 as in TFL. Unchanged the unit set would then have an extra 4 pts from TFL. Rather than mess with this I just set the trade value back to 6. I've also included tags from M0bitz's Carnage/Mudpit maps that allow for carpet bombing and satchel mesh effects.


Changlings have the special ability to pick stuff up and toss it like a ghol. However, their range was tremendous... further than an archer can shoot. I toned this down some and made them throw a little wild, so that it isn't so easy to take out dwarves with pus. Also droppedthe health a bit (same health as a trow seemed a bit much). Thanks to Badlands for creating this unit.


Thanks to Creation for the Skrael. Underused on 3rd party maps I think, but ah well, eh? They are the fastest unit on the "Slow" mesh, so they make good scouts. Keep soulless around if you want to beat them, because their slings' range is shorter than a javelin's.


Thanks to Badlands (ruiner) for the port of the myrmidon tags.

Mesh Edges:

One of the biggest problems with dire Marsh in TFL prior to version 1.2 (?) was that units fell off the edge of the map too easily. To fix this Bungie made the mesh edges impassible. Still works today, so I've done the same. I also made the corners impossible to get to by assassin and stampede units, 'cause the camera doesn't get over there too easily. Other units can though to contest balls that might end up there (by chance of course).

Green Assassin:

On the Green mesh, the peasants are unwilling parties to your fun. They will run (re: walk) away from you, wander, and generally try to be annoying. Just something different. ;-)


In TFL there was no rain on Dire, but Gjol, the mesh it was based on, did have rain. I'm tired of so many dry maps (3rd party), so it rains on all the Dire meshes. If anyone has a problem with this, make your own version.

Mesh info: (Unit given/max/trade value)

Death in the Dire Marsh (5 starts)

Trow 1/1/24
Archer Captains 4/4/5
Fetch 2/2/6
Spiders 10/15/1
Myrmidon 7/12/2
Berserks 11/16/3
Dwarven Heroes 2/4/6
Thrall 15/25/1
Wights 2/-/3

Assassin unit: journeymen 2/-/6

Dead in the Dire Marsh (5 starts)

Changeling 0/1/12
Skrael 3/4/4
Dwarf 4/6/6
Thrall 16/24/1
Ghasts 12/16/1
Maul 4/6/4
Soulless 6/8/3
Journeymen 1/2/6
Wights 2/-/3

Assassin unit: peasant 6/-/1

Dire Marsh Dwarf Riot (15 starts)

Dwarf 0/8/6
Dwarf Hero 3/6/8
Dwarf Mortar 3/6/8
Dwarf Pathfinder 2/4/12

All units are assassin targets.

Death in the Dire Marsh 2 Credits:


Visit www.creationgames.com for more information on Creation's offerings.

Created by Jason Beach (Stinger) using Bungie's Fear & Loathing, Amber, Tag
Extractor, Photoshop, Bartok, tagedit, and Graphic Converter.

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