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				DEATH TRAP II v1.0
by Chocal (Brian Cornelius)
w/Mods by ol' :: Beer Can ::
September 10, 2003


This map was originally released by Chocal in December of 1999. It featured World Knot travel and some other oddities, but none of that stuff worked in v1.4.x of Myth.

So ol' :: Beer Can :: decided that since the original "Death Trap" mesh was so damned cool, he'd fix the map for use with v1.4.x, and maybe throw in some fascinating changes.


The unit selection directly mimics the Bungie "Badlands" duo, in both light and dark incarnations.

However, some variations have been made, and variations upon THOSE variations. The resulting gameplay is killer:

(1) On the Quasi-Light mesh, each team receives one untradable Bungie "Changeling" unit. This unit has been altered to move MORE SLOWLY than normal (by a hair), and it does NOT appear on the overhead.

(2) On the Quasi-Light mesh, the archers have been replaced by the much cooler but equally functional "Crossbowman" unit, created by Matthew Redding. The Crossbowman is NOT a haxed unit...it's an original creation, and as the name states, he carries a crossbow instead of a regular bow. In power and tactic, the Crossbowman is only very slightly different from the standard archer unit, but is far more interesting. Matthew did an outstanding job on the Crossbowman.

(3) On the Dark mesh, each team receives one untradable Spider Queen, as ported from TFL by Sycorax (Tre Shaddock). The Queen has been altered to be the fastest unit on the map, but only by a very slight margin. The Spider Queen does NOT appear on the overhead. Unlike the "GodzFire" version of the Spider Queen port, this unit almost exactly duplicates the TFL unit of the same name, in every way.


"Death Trap II" has 4 starting locations. It supports the following game types:

-Body Count
-Steal the Bacon
-Last Man on the Hill
-Scavenger Hunt
-Flag Rally
-Capture the Flag
-King of the Hill


The units are, at times, a little sloppily aligned on startup. This is :: Beer Can's :: impatience with Loathing, and not Chocal's bad.


Original Mesh: Brian Cornelius (Chocal) - chocal15@hotmail.com
Changeling Unit: Bungie
Crossbowman Unit: Matthew Redding - themjr@hotmail.com
TFL Spider Queen: Tre Shaddock - "Sycorax" (no contact available)
Butterfly Unit: Vista
Bloody Mess Plug-In: Rick (Verdugo) - verdugo_dka@hotmail.com
Modified Flavour Texts: :: Beer Can :: - Platinum_Ark@excite.com


:: Beer Can ::

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