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Deacon of the Skies
A new semi-un-hax0red unit by Sinister Minister

This is a unit I made just because I thought there weren't enough units w/ the summoner sprites ou there. The Deacon of the Skies is one of the coolest, yet not unbalanced units you will ever see. As I already mentioned, it uses the summoner sprtite. It's main attack is a lightning shot that comes both from his chest and from the sky. It looks really cool, yet it doesn't hurt a whole lot. The secondary attack is one of the coolest attacks ever. period. He shoots an incredibly slow, large, guided ball of flame that explodes sending lightning into all nearby units. It has to be seen to believe. Trust me.

This is meant to be extracted and used with your maps. All I ask is if I could please be given proper credit. Thank you.

Copyright in whole or in part by Bungie Software Products Corporation. Portions of this plugin were made by Bungie's Fear and or Loathing by Danny Rosen

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