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Myth Data Extractor
1998 Andrew Beyer

You may use and distribute this program in any way which you see fit.
The software is provided as is. Any results or consequences of using the
software are the sole responsibility of the user. I am not responsible for
any damages resulting from the use of this software. If you screw up (or if
the program does) don't come whining to me.

What it does:
Extracts data from the Myth data files into formats which are more
useful for editing.

How to use it:
choose what you want to extract, indicate the files, and enter the offset to
the beginning of the appropriate data when prompted.
IMPORTANT: hex offsets DO NOT work right now, but won't be caught
DON'T try to use them, or Bad Things may happen

You can email bug reports, comments, requests, etc... to me at beyera@rpi.edu,
I will try to help if I have time.

DO NOT ask me how to edit maps, where to get editors, where to get edited maps,
etc... Any such questions will be immediately trashed, unless I'm bored, in
which case, I'll probably flame whoever asked. ;)
I don't know much, and what I do know can all be found on the FutureMyth forum

Version History:

0.1d1 First release

0.1d2 Not released: bug fixes, some experiments

0.1d3 mesh extraction/insertion, texture/shadow map extraction

0.1d4 this release: an about box (sorta), texture/shadow map insertion (had a
problem, may be buggy!), updated FutureMyth URL in Read Me

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