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"Darkest before Dawn/In the Mouth of Madness"

'*Darkest before Dawn*'
Read Me as follows:

OK, time to suspend your reality of the Mythical world of Myth. This map was created under the following premise.

--The Balmung recovered from the catacombs was but 1 of many fakes created to keep the real Artifact hidden.

--The summoner was not defeated within the Tain, but used his 'apparent' death to cover his escape.

Hey I am a scripter, not a story writer.
If you want a good story, go buy a book.
Might I suggest Terry Goodkind, and the
Sword of Truth series. ;oD

----- TECHNICAL STUFF / FAQ`s: -----

Where do I put this ??
>> Place the 'Darkest before Dawn' Tag into your
'plugins' folder located in your 'MythII Folder'.

How do I get 'Darkest before Dawn' to show
in my level listings so I can play it ??
>> Darkest before Dawn will automatically appear
at the top of your level list.

----- OBJECTIVES: -----

1: Help Alric seek out and aquire Balmung.

2: Fight your way thru The Summoners advancing Legion`s
and destroy him before he can escape into the
North, North-Eastern caves.

----- HINTS: -----

1: Balmung is in 1 of 3 random locations. Good Luck !!

2: Use The Deceivers Special Ability to convert
enemy units to your side.

3: It will take explosive measures to release Balmung.

4: Try to avoid direct conflict with The Summoner,
until after, Alric has Balmung in his possesion.

5: In some instances, Nature can provide a measure
of protection against large enemy patrols.

6: Stay Alert !! If you dont pay attention at all times,
you will surely be taken down by The Summoner`s Legions.

7: Save Alrics Dispersal Dream for when it will effect the most damage.

----- NEED TO KNOWS -----

1: Balmung will randomly appear in 1 of 3 places.
a: About due center of the map.
b: Near the North-West avalanche zone.
c: Near the South-East avalanche zone.

2: Chances are, without Balmung, you are not gonna win.
Seeking/Aquiring it should be your first priority.

3: Freeing Balmung is achieved via mortaring the boulders.
Usually no more than 3 good hits are needed.

4: Endgames are triggered for the following:
a: The Summoner is killed; Player wins.
b: Alric killed; Player loses.
c: The Summoner escapes; ??? :oO.


'*In the Mouth of Madness*'
Read Me as follows:

How do I get 'In the Mouth of Madness' to show
in my level listings so I can play it ??

>> You can get 'In the Mouth of Madness' to appear
in your level listing 1 of 2 ways.

1: While playing 'Darkest before Dawn', "unblock" and "enter"
the cave in the far North-West corner. After recieving
your bonus units, finish the level as normal.

2: Press and hold 'Shift' as you select New Game.
'In the Mouth of Madness' will appear at the bottom
of your level listing.

----- OBJECTIVES: -----

1: Cut off and destroy The Summoner before he
escapes the tunnels to the North.

2: Locate and secure a key to open gates.

3: Locate and secure the Amulet of Resistance.

----- HINTS: -----

1: A key will be helpful with those locked gates.

2: Legend has it, the Amulet of Resistance was
secreted away and sealed up in a cave within
this region.

3: Keep your units in close proximity of each other
to avoid unpleasant surprises.

4: Bounce your Dorf`s mortar shells around corners
to weaken/kill enemies early.

5: Although weakened, The Summoner is still a
forminable opponent, try to set up an ambush.

6: Objects that have been picked-up can be
dropped by simply using the units special ability.

7: There be GOLD Man !!

----- NEED TO KNOWS -----

1: Mortar Dorfs have a modified attack that allows
motars to be bounced off walls, around corners etc.

2: This is a tunnel map. Therefore, even though unseen,
there is a ceiling. This should be taken into account
when trying to launch your Dorfs Mortars long distances.

3: If your unit has picked up an object, they will have to
drop it before being able to use their Special Ability.
This can be accomplished by hitting the
Special Ability key once.

4: The key to the gates will randomly appear in 1 of 5 places.
a: Near the cave / map entrance.
b: Near one of the 4 gates.

5: The Amulet of Resistance will lower the holders
damage taken to .250 of normal.

6: A piece of gold will lower the holders damage
taken to between .750 and .500 of normal.
***Dependant on the quality of the gold. ;op

7: Endgames are triggered for the following:
a: The Summoner is killed; Player wins.
b: The Summoner escapes; Player loses.
c: Player has no units; Player loses.

----- Thanks To: -----

lank, GIANT™, Iron Duke, Zephirus, Haravikk, and True Peril for play testing.

OZONE for the Darkest before Dawn CMap.
(Originally for Green Berets: Rolling Thunder)

Iron Duke for his Awesome new Myrmidons.

Cydonian and Creation Games for the TSG Collections I used.

Santas Head aka Craig Goodman for his WWII Collections I used.

My friends at Rennaisance Games who continue to put up with me, when I am around. ;o)

----- Credits: -----

Darkest before Dawn CMap by OZONE
Myrmidons by Iron Duke
MoM Shadow Map by lank & GHOST®
In the Mouth of Madness CMap by GHOST®
All Scripting by GHOST®
All Fearing by GHOST®

Salutations & Good Luck.

11:19 PM 11/14/02

©Copyright 1998-2002 in whole or in part
Bungie Software Products Corporation.
Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing
and a Touch of Imagination™.

©Copyright 1998-2002 in whole or in part
Craig Goodman aka. Santa's Head #CP#Z, for WWII Collections.

©Copyright 2001-2002 in whole or in part
Take-Two/T2 Interactive Software, Inc., for Green Beret Collections.

©Copyright 2001-2002 in whole or in part
Creation Games, for TSG Collections.

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