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Readme: This file
Dark Forest: The plugin. Stick it in your plugin folder!
Start Myth2 and shift-click new game. Start level
called "Dark Forest"

In order to play this level you must have the changeling plugin
extracted in your LOCAL folder. The plain plugin in the plugin folder
doesn't work.(at least it didn't work with me [mail me, if it doesn't
work anyway])

There isn't that many single-player maps, just multi-
player maps(god bless CREATION for making single-player maps!!).
So people, make singleplayer maps! I'm doing my part.
It really took me a while to make this level all
by myself. I am not fully satisfied with the color map, though it is
pretty good.
Thank you for downloading this level. I'm sure you
won't be dissappointed.
Buy the way, the color of blood seems to be blue in this level and I
don't know why.. Maybe someone could lighten me(send me E-mail
or sth..) I think I haven't been messing around with the blood color
or tint with Fear..so why..hmm.

Color map is made with Photoshop5.

E-mail: temekv@hotmail.com
Please, do send me some feedback.

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Sofware Products
Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing

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