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Thanks to Cuniac and Shaman for the testing help
Nightmare is based on the fact that animals are always getting blown up...guess what. Theyre ba-aaaaaaack
and pissed as hell!
chicken are like the wights, spiders have a creeping ring of fire special attack
pigs are slow but have a nasty bite
wolves are fast but but medium power. the only enlisted help is 1 dwarf, 2 arcs, and 2 herons.
Wait 'till you see the hunting game!!

Quattro is a Dark Lock 4 team ffa!
The Fetch has been toned down a bit. But all the physics are basically the same.

Also to have a complete set, daownload Dark Lock map as well, who knows you may not be the last on your block to have all 3!!!!

but this one is 2 maps for the price of one!!!

See you on BN!!!!

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