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Dorf'Unor Drug Task Force
by Khadrelt

You are the dorf'Unor Drug Task Force. Your mission is to infiltrate a huge party in the desert and put an end to the nefarious Stoned Guests, a group of Heron Guards gone bad who have become drug dealers. Simple, yes? Maybe not so simple as it sounds.

The Stoned Guests have a number of guards in their employ who look just like the civilians at the party. Eliminate the guards and kill the Stoned Guests without killing any civilians.


1: Killing a civilian will not automatically make you lose the level, but the consequences could be serious.

2: If you happen to kill a civilian, it IS possible to survive and complete your mission, but it won't be easy.

3: By default, your dorf'Unor officers will not autotarget enemies. This is to prevent having one of them accidentally start firing on civilians. Autotargeting can be toggled on and off by taunting with the dorf'Unor. You may have to taunt several times to trigger the switch. You will know it has been switched when you hear a Dwarf cackle (ON) or a Dwarf crying (OFF).


Drop the Dorf'Unor Drug Task Force plugin into the Plugins folder of your Myth II directory.


dorf'Unor taken from the dorf'Unor Tagset, created by me.

April 23, 2007

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