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Crazyglue version 1.0

There are 11 meshes included in crazyglue.gor and they are as follows:


I must be crazy...
This map is intended for occasional use when normal mutliplayer
games are getting a little boring.
Each team begins with 4 Balors to tear the other team apart
with. This map is set on the texturemap for desert between your ears.

Dorfs vs. Ghols
Like "I must be crazy..." this map is a fun map to break away from the
monotony of your usual routine. As the name implies, one team will have
Ghols and the other team will have Dwarves. This map is set on the texturemap
for Desert Between your Ears.

Like a porcelain carpet...
If you have never seen a porcelain carpet... then I think you are one
the lucky ones... for those of you that have been Carpet Bombed into
oblivion and want a map devoted to Carpet Bombing, this map is for
you! The mesh has a plethora of Fetch and Dwarves, and to heal any injured
units that happen to be struck by enemy bombardments Journeymen have been
included as well.

If I had a Forest Giant...
This mesh has been updated since the last release. The player now has wights
so ghols can now pus their enemies! Another improvement is the addition of
Mandrake (healing) roots and satchel charges for each team.

If I had a Forest Giant (Hero)...
This mesh has many hero units on it (Hero Archers, Zerks, Dwarves) in addition those there are
warrior captains, Fetch, Forest Giants, Wights, and Journeymen. Each team has a stash
of Mandrake roots in close proximity to the base.

Dwarf Football: Das Boot!
Utilizing patented Das Boot!(tm) technology the ball automatically is blown into
a random orbit around the map for Steal the Bacon. Each team has 5 Dwarves, 20 Thrall, and 4 wights.
The map is set on For Carnage Apply Within.

High Anxiety
Out in the Barrier two teams are pit against each other, and only one will come
out alive... This meshes utilizes "The Five Champions" texturemap and is complete with canyons
that have all been "opened" up for units to traverse and strategic "forts."
If you are a fan of big team games, this map is for you.

High Anxiety (Dark)
Like "High Anxiety", this map is based on the texturemap for "The Five Champions" and has
Dark units (Trow, zerks, myrmidons, Dwarf Heros, Fetch, Soulless, Spiders, and Journeymen)

Tournament of Champions
So, where do champions go to test their so-called skills??? To the Tournament of Champions
of course! This map is based on the texturemap for "I'll Dance on your grave" but is
different in that there are five starts each with five champions. Each Start also has three
Mandrake roots.


A long the way to a long awaited party
Those dang dwarves are at it again... only this time the mayor in the adjacent town has got
wind of things (literally) and has sent troops to put a stop to the dwarven partying. This
map is for people who "like to blow things up!"

Note: You might need to press and hold the spacebar (while switching to singleplayer levels)
to access this level for the first time!

A long Awaited Party
You cried, you lamented, you threw all your heart and soul into trying to beat "Sons of Myrgard"
just to get to "A long Awaited Party." And when you finally got there you died on the first wave
of ghols! This mesh allows you, and those who have this plugin to play "A long Awaited Party" whenever
you want... and with Balin! So cry no more, go kick some Ghol butt!

Note: You might need to press and hold the spacebar (while switching to singleplayer levels)
to access this level for the first time!

Special Feature:

And you thought that was all to crazyglue.gor didn't you? Well read on because included is a new
and improved GHOL unit. The new Ghol is smarter than his predecessor in one way... and that is in
throwing his pus, yep, that's right, no more crying over spilt pus, your ghol is protected against
accidental pus release by way of his new SPECIAL ABILITY. To use the Ghol with pus or any other
battle debris pick up the object as you normally would. Now when you are ready to hurl, simply
press "T" ( or your corresponding special ability key) and click on a enemy target or point on the
NEW GHOL for them. To use the Special ability Ghol on a regular bungie map, make sure to have
this plugin selected.

Thank you for downloading crazyglue.

I would like to thank Crazy Rooster, Groovedog, Ghost Wheel, Judd, and StoneCold for helping me out
in gettting this map released to you! Thank You guys!!!

To contact me, email: shikari@bungie.net

Made with:

Myth Packer

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