; Mythgraveyard

Hey friends..

กก3 easy steps to play my map!!

First step:
Thanks for downloading this map.. I put pretty much work in it, and the Vista and The Mill forum guys deserve some honour too, because they helped me out with ALL me problems!!

Install my map, by unzipping the entire CodeCloudspine.zip file into your plugins folder in the MythII map on your HardDisk.. (You can remove or delete this ReadME.txt file after you installed the map..) BUT THE Code Clouspine FILE HAS TO STAY IN THE PLUGIN FOLDER!!

Recommend this map to all the persons you know, and play with or vs them on bungie.net..

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= = A V E = U N

The entire map is created with the tools: Loathing and Fear; Which are CopyRighted By: Bungie Software
uWillDie (tjo44@yahoo.com) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

NOTE: Check The Mill once in a while for new maps or updates!!

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