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================Coming of the Dark===============
=========A series of solo maps by Creation=========
=====CoD21: Source of the Five Hundred Poisons=====

:::: Table of Contents
:::: I. What is Coming of the Dark?
:::: 2. Back history on CoD: Source of the 500 Poisons
:::: 3. Story
:::: 4. What to Expect: Things you Need to Know
:::: 5. Hints
:::: 6. Credits
:::: 7. Legal

:::: What is Coming of the Dark?

Coming of the Dark is a series of single player maps designed to bring to life the battles of Myth's history. It is a high-quality series that features excellent gameplay designed around past battles referred to in Myth: The Fallen Lords and MythII: Soulblighter.

:::: Back History on CoD: Source of the 500 Poisons

In the journal entry for "Silvermines," the player learns

Some of The Fallen are over a millennium old, and their rivalries go back just as far.

This foreshadows the battle between the Watcher and the Deceiver later that month, where we learn in the Silvermines journal entry:

One of the veterans said that [The Watcher and The Deceiver] had it out after the battle for Tyr, twelve years ago, and that the Watcher barely survived. I have a feeling the real reasons for what happened today go back even farther than that.

Source of the 500 Poisons is another name for Myrdred, or The Deceiver (yes, one and the same as everyone's favorite Fallen Lord). This level chronicles the downfall of Myrdred early in the War, after his clash with The Watcher. Creation has taken the story a bit further, exploring the possiblities for what followed the clash after the Battle for Tyr. In our version of the history, the Deceiver himself is defeated by Rabican as The Watcher eludes him...

:::: Story

Enjoy this journal entry pregame story with accompanying graphics and music at the beginning of the level, or read it here...

Monday, November 7, Fifth Year of the War
Foothills of the Cloudspine

The battle for Tyr raged for the better part of a week before The Watcher vanquished the garrison stationed on the north wall. Shortly thereafter, the south wall fell to the Deceiver, and within minutes the two Fallen Lords were pouring into the city, destroying all who dared stand in their way. Within the ruined walls, the most extraordinary thing happened. They began to attack each other.

The reasons why they clashed so swiftly and violently are beyond my comprehension, but doubtless the feud goes back to before the arrival of Balor. The Watcher was worsted, and his army destroyed. Severely wounded and angry as hell, he fled eastward, away from the wrath of his rival, hoping desperately to cross the Cloudspine before Rabican's southern legion sealed off Bagrada.

The Deceiver would not let him rest. With the taste of his triumph still fresh, the victorious Fallen Lord was not one to stand idle while his arch-nemesis escaped. The Deceiver pursued his enemy across the Plain of Scales for weeks, his every thought dominated by an insatiable thirst for The Watcher's blood. The Watcher eluded both Rabican and The Deciever, escaping into the East, but now the Deciever himself is in a similar predicament. His army is camped in the foothills by the Plains in the most treacherous terrain I have ever witnessed, surrounded by Rabican's superior army. Dark chasms wait to swallow up those who stray too far from the path.

Dawn is breaking. Fearing a trap, Rabican has foregone a direct assault and instead has chosen a small group of us to enter the camp through a local Knot. Our mission is to destroy the Deceiver's army once and for all. They are waiting for us, angry because of the Watcher's escape and frustrated by Rabican's military tact. They lust for the blood of another foe. We will no doubt face all forms of trickery, evil, and foul play from this slippery fellow, but if we succeed, the West will be free of the Fallen's tyranny, for now.

:::: What to Expect: Things you Need to Know

|| 1 Randomnicity ||

There is a large element of chance on this map... There are several places where you will face one army from a pool of possiblities. Play it again after you finish it and note the differences... Over 40 different games possible!

|| 2 Local Knots ||

You will have to have an understanding of how to use Local Knots, the teleportation devices, before you play. To use a Local Knot, simply move all your men inside it. If anyone is outside the knot, none of your units will teleport. The units will be teleported a short distance, often across some sort of obstruction like a huge chasm, and the camera will automatically move to where they re-emerge.

Not all Local Knots will teleport you. When you emerge from a teleportation, you will be inside a Local Knot, an exit knot that does not teleport you anywhere. Only knots that you approach from the outside will beam you somewhere, ones that you emerge in will not.

|| 3 Traps, tricks, and ambushes ||

Fighting is not always an option in Source of the 500 Poisons. Although there is plenty of action, there are some situations where an army is way too big to defeat via ordinary tactics. These require you to do something special - to solve the puzzle if you will - to get past that point.

There are plenty of hints - the things your units say, or the scenery on the ground for example. Nonetheless, if you cannot figure out how to get past a certain point, or you can only get past it by taking absurd damage and/or casualties, check the hints section later in this readme, or watch one of my films. Remember that it is possible to beat this on legendary with no casualties.

:::: Hints

WARNING! The following section contains SPOILERS that will RUIN THE FUN OF THIS LEVEL if you do not at least make an attempt to get past the offending part of the map without checking this. As such, a long spoiler space follows.

(Spoiler Space)

|| 1 The Huge Soulless Army ||

Can't figure this one out? Do you get mobbed by the Soulless, and even if or when you defeat them, you get mobbed by a huge army of spiders that take away any hope you may have had for victory? Or perhaps you have figured out that you can sacrifice berserk(s) to get the spiders to attack everything, including the soulless. Well, the truth of the matter is you don't need to lose anything at this point, and it's easy to get by with no casualties and usually no damage, even on Legendary.

One major hint on this section is that Berserk. He isn't seeing things and his eyes are not playing tricks on him.

Your eyes, however, are a different story. You may not notice anything at all in the dark crevasse where the satchels and mandrake roots are. Look closer. Stare at it for a while, and the solution should reveal itself. You'll say "I must have been blind!" but the truth is most people do not see the solution unless it is pointed out to them, either subtley by the Berserk or more clearly like I'm doing here.

Remember that the spiders and soulless will fight each other. You just have to get them to attack each other, and the best way to do this without placing any of your own units in danger involves that crevasse. Then you'll only be left with a few damaged spiders to fight.

|| 2 The Maul Horde at the First World Knot ||

There are a few possiblities of what can happen at the first world knot. One of them is a gigantic Maul army ambushes you.

Even on Timid, a huge maul army has a way of killing off every unit you have. Sure, you can set a large satchel trap and take out most of them, but you shouldn't have to resort to such wasteful and risky means. Even after the satchels, its likely that there will be enough mauls left to seriously hurt your army. This is, therefore, not the solution.

You should see an unfortunate Journeyman somewhere close to the knot... apparently, the same thing happened to him. Well, fear not... he did not die in vain. The trail of blood he left is a good clue as to how to "get around" the maul army (hint hint wink wink nudge nudge know what I mean?)

That's right, folks, a Journeyman may not have been able to escape a maul army... but a berserk can. If you can get them all to chase a lone berserk, following the route layed down by the Journeyman's blood trail, the rest of your units can safely move into the knot as the mauls play follow-the-leader. Then the berserk can double back and sprint like the wind for the safety of the knot, for when he gets inside, and all your units are in there... you'll teleport out of danger.

Often even this isnt enough, as the Local Knots take a while to register. To be extra cautious, move all your men along the edge of the cliff back behind the world knot, but as far away from it as possible, while the zerk follows the blood trail. When you get to the dead Jman, double back in front of the knot and then run all the way back to the corner of the map. As your zerk leads the mauls hundreds of yards out along the path, move your other units into the Knot. Doubling your zerk back again from there along the straightaway gives the zerk a huge lead, and plenty of time to get into the Knot and beam out without taking any damage...

|| 3 The Dancing Trow ||

A big flashing sign that you aren't supposed to fight these guys is when one of your units says "Shhhhh!"

Just follow one of the trow around the circle, like a revolving door, keeping your distance, until you can exit the loop on the other side. If you dont feel safe, wait a few cycles until one trow catches up almost to the other, giving you a very wide safety margin after the second trow.

|| 4 The Warlock Fire Rings ||

One of the two endgame possiblities is that you'll get beamed right into the clutches of fire-ring-happy Warlocks. How can you get around this? Simple...

You beam into a knot in the same formation that you beamed out. Therefore, just make sure that none of your units are standing in the center - that all are around the edges of the knot - when you beam into the camp. As an extra precaution, scatter the units as they beam in and you won't be fried.

Of course, then there's still the warlocks to take care of. Either use your Mad Skillz to defeat them, or its often easier to simply sacrifice a dwarf... load him up with satchel charges and put him in the middle of the knot. He'll get beamed into the fire rings and go off in a big boom, taking out the warlocks too.

(More spoiler space so you can see the below w/o seeing the above...)

:::: Credits

Design: Clem and, to a lesser extent, AresĒ
Colormap and Mesh: Clem
Scripting: AresĒ
Story and CoD Concept: AresĒ
Fear work: AresĒ
Chimera fir'Bolg: Badlands
Voices: Sinister Minister as the Berserk, Tino as the Jman, and El Bastard as the fir'Bolg
Special Thanks To: The Asylum, especially Milk Man

:::: Legal

Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Creation. All rights reserved.

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