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Greetings!  I have finally released the three single player levels that were previewed at Mythology.  Go to http://www.mythnews.com/cod for screenshots.  

Table of Contents

I. Credits

II. Format Info

III. HOW TO USE (Important!)

IV. Reporting bugs

V. Features

VI. Level Descriptions

VII. Legal Schtuff

I. Credits

First off, I want to make it known that I am definitely indebted to many, many others who actually did most of the work =). These are Omac (Design, color maps), Drunkbob (Design, Color maps), Merlin (Scripting), Imperator (Scripting and various other help), Bravehamster (Design), El BastardŞ (Voices), Periodic (Skržl), Rust Dragon (Art), Jenova (Fear, sound), Malory (fir'Bolg, Myrmidon), Tino (Voices), Chikatilo (General help), and Sinister Minister (Voices, Unit work in Fear), and others (including of course my many beta testers - you know who you are!).

For specific level credits, wait until after the initial pregame story and they will scroll up.

II. Format info

This is a 13MB version - it includes all three maps but none of the music and little new artwork. Another, larger version might be released soon (depending on if I care enough to get it out) that includes the bells and whistles. Actual gameplay is not affected in either one. If you wish to play co-op, download THIS ONE, as if you try to play this with someone who has the full version, you will get an Out of Sync error. You can play co-op only with someone who has the same version as you, and I just decided to make this one standard because its smaller and you dont see new narrations or artwork in co-op anyway. Don't get me wrong, you can play single player just fine with this, but you won't get voice narrations, or new music or new pregame / postgame art. If I were to release a more elaborate version later, it might simply be too big - say, 30 megs - and only for people with good (non-modem) connections. So, I'd say definitely download this one, because if you have cable it'll take you what, 2 minutes, and if not, you aren't going to get the bigger one anyway =)

Also included in the download is an optional local folder. This folder includes three things: New formations, a new interface, and it makes your observer slightly faster. None of these things will cause OOS, and the new formations help a lot.


Requires Myth2 v1.3
Get the 1.3 patch from www.bungie.net if you dont have it
(Actually, you dont really NEED it per se, but it will cause OOS and you'll crash from the postgame if you dont have it)

First put the plugin in your plugins folder. This is the only file required to play (But see important note below!) However, there is also an optional local folder included with the plugin. A local folder is the folder that contains individual tags before they are combined into a plugin file. You should have an empty local folder in your Myth II Ä with either zero files in it or only one file in it, a file called "Myth II." If you want to take advantage of the local folder features, trash your local folder and put mine in your Myth II folder instead. Now, you will have three new features, none of which cause red games or OOS on Bungie.net as they are non-essential tags. These features are:

1. New Formations

These are really indispensible, both for single player and netplay.* They allow your units to fight more efficiently. Put ranged units in the number 1 formation, which with these new formations, is an infinitely long line with the units very close together. The box formation (five) is perfect for melee, grouping them very close together to maximize their melee fighting. If you don't want these new formations, open your local folder and delete or remove the folder called "formations."

2. New Observer

The new observer is slightly, almost imperceptibly faster in both motion and turning, which really helps in gameplay, allowing you to move your camera around the field faster and work better. To revert back to your old, slower camera, delete or remove the folder "observer constants" from the local folder.

3. new Main Menu Interface

This is a brand spankin' new splash screen for Myth2, with some cool Coming of the Dark artwork by Rust Dragon and the text "Myth: Coming of the Dark," instead of "Myth II: Soulblighter." If you get tired of this splash screen and want to get rid of it, delete or remove the folder "collections" from the local folder.

NOTE: Your local folder will not be empty if you have been using Bungie's editing tools, Fear and Loathing. Simply move your own local folder to the desktop and use mine instead if this is the case and you want to keep your tags, and then put yours back when you are done with mine. It'll take some juggling =)

IMPORTANT: With the plugin in the plugins folder, you have to SHIFT-click "New Game" from the main menu screen to see these levels in the levels list. I recommend you play the levels in order - Start with CoD3, and advance to the next level only after winning the one before it. Once a level has been loaded once, it will always appear in the single player levels list.

ALSO IMPORTANT: The levels will not appear in the single player games list for a multi player co-operative game until they have been loaded once in single player mode (just like Bungie's single player levels). The host must first load the levels in single player mode before attempting to host a network co-op game, and then he can select these levels from the single-player levels list. Only the host has to do this, any other participants do not have to. The exception to this is if the co-op game is restarted following a victory; the next level will be available by default.

* A note about edited formations: It has recently come to my attention that some people on bungie.net consider edited formations to be cheating. They are in the minority, but to them I have several responses.

1.) This scenario is meant to be played against the AI, not against another player, leaving no one at a disadvantage

2.) Even so, I encourage people who download this to use the new formations in netplay, should they so desire. It is not cheating to edit your formations for netplay because

a) The Myth2 manual tells you how to do it, and Bungie condones it and encourages it by telling you how to do it. The Myth2 box lists customizable formations as a feature of the game.
b) It's not considered cheating to edit your key setup from the bungie default, allowing you to give orders more efficiently, so it's not cheating to edit your formations from the bungie default to give orders more eficiently.
c) Given the above, anyone who complains about edited formations is a "FLNKIGN IZ CHETIGN" type sore loser =P Don't whine about something that's a customizable feature of Myth2, customize your own formations to give yourself an advantage! Or use these =)


There are no known bugs at this time! Please report any bugs to ares@balinsbar.com

V. Features

* All-new fully-scripted single-player maps with unique missions and designs
* Awesome texture maps by well-know mapmakers Drunkbob and Omac
* Distinct mission objectives that grey out, and a long hints list for each level
* New player units, the Berserk Hero, Skržl Emissary, and the Captain of Archers
* New enemy units, the bre'Unor Shaman and Medicine Man
* Myth1 units, the fir'Bolg, Myrmidon, and Skržl
* Original and detailed story
* Story supplemented by dozens of new flavor texts for familiar units
* New voices for in-game conversations and comments
* Two uber-kewl easter eggs
* Wide range of difficulty, especially on the first map
* New formations, new splash screen, and a faster observer included as optional features
* Fully compatible with other plugins for co-op bungie.net experience
* Extensively tested, has gone through 8 private beta testing sessions and countless revising

VI. Level descriptions

CoD3: A Debt Repaid

This level details the holding of Bagrada by the Heron Guard 27 years before the war in the west. Story buffs will know that the Heron Guard cast off their glory to become the Journeymen when Muirthemne fell during their absence. This is where they are during the seige of Muirthemne - holding the pass of Bagrada against Soulblighter. Because of them, the West was saved but the East was lost.

Anyhow, you do get Heron Guards on this level as well as a couple berserks, some bowmen, and some dwarves. You also get a new unit, Trahern the Berserk Hero. He has some "new" (read: Myth2 beta) attacks, like a normal side-swipe to give him some variety and a killer "Execution" special ability. Trahern is the only survivor of an initial scripted battle where a scouting party is the first to be attacked by the Dark. You must control him and him alone to go warn the main camp. Once you get control of the men there, you must hold off waves of thrall, fetch, gh™ls, soulless, and myrmidons - your basic Space Invaders type defense level.

This level not only includes elements from "Sons of Myrgard," "Into the Breach," and "Assassin," with the control of a lone super-unit at the beginning, but also brings back memories of "Across the Gjol" and "Shadow of the Mountain." Numerous duds will litter the snow with high explosives, sorta like how the rain put out molotovs in "Across the Gjol."

This level also has a very very high range of difficulty. It is obscenely easy on Timid, but it is nearly impossible to beat on legendary, although it can be done by the patient and skillful. Oh, and need I mention there's an easter egg? =)

(PS don't worry its possible to find the easter egg without looking at the scripting, unlike in "The bre'Unor Attack.")

CoD8: The Drowned Kingdom

Some will remember the Skržl, a unit that was in the Myth:TFL engine but never released in any Bungie levels. We have reconstituted the Skržl, giving them more power and a personality with a wierd gargling-hissing-spitting-growling type language (courtesy of DrunkBob). The Skržl are powerful all-purpose fighters, and experienced ones can fight like berserks in close combat and send a stream of stones at the enemy from their slings. They are also fast and can travel underwater.

The Skržl Emissary, a hero-unit, is trapped up north between a conflict of the Dark and the Leixian Pirates. You must send your zerks and Skržl into a river delta south of the Drowned Kingdom to rescue him and escort him to safety.

This level can most easily be compared to "The Deciever" and "Seven Gates," due to the presence of two seperate enemies that are also fighting against each other. However, this level does not have the rigid, planned route of Seven Gates - you can develop your own route wherever you want to go - and it promotes a LOT more bloody melee fighting than "The Deciever." It is possible for there to be over 350 dead enemy units on this map depending on the difficulty level and how many battles you promote, but because the vast majority are melee deaths, there have never been any of the "too many projectiles" problems associated with other large maps.

CoD9: Raiders of the Ermine

You get not one, but two hero units in this level - iu'Shee, Captain of Archers, with the fire-wall setting Bow of Infernal Fury, and Acheron, father of Balin, the first Dwarven Pathfinder. You also get tons of fir'Bolg, bowmen, berserks, wolves, and journeymen. There are also hundreds of enemy units - it is a very large scale level, perfect for co-op.

The most astounding feature of this map is the high presence of scripted battles. You alternately take control of an offensive army, then a defensive army, then both. These armies fight very complex scripted battles while not under your control - the dwarves lay satchel charges and a berserk dodges soulless fire, drawing fire away from the archers.

Your offensive army must fight against patrols of bre'Unor and wolves, led by their Shaman, Gor-Ash, and also against The Watcher as he passes through the Ermine. Then you must defend the University from Gor-Ash' final, desperation assault. Then you get control of both armies to attack the Watcher's camp. This map has over 500 (532 to be exact) scripted actions - more than any other Bungie map except "With Friends Like These." (I think.)

Oh yeah, and the easter egg for this level is EVEN COOLER and EVEN MORE EASY TO FIGURE OUT than the one from the first. Dead men don't dance, and neither do deer for that matter (yes, that was a hint.) Good luck!

Happy Mything!

VII. Legal Schtuff

Myth: The Fallen Lords, Myth II: Soulblighter, and bungie.net are trademarks and Bungie is a registered trademark of Bungie Software Products Corporation. Copyright in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by the Creation group. Everything else copyright 1999 Creation. All rights reserved. Original artwork copyright 1999 by the respective artists.

Can you use the stuff in these maps? Go right ahead, as long as you include the following in a readme file: "Some of the stuff here (specific items) is copyright 1999 by Creation, God bless 'em!"

If you rip off these maps without my permission, you waive any legal rights you may have to stop me from hiring a gang of grease monkeys to beat you senseless with tire irons.

-Ares, on behalf of all the Creation team.

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