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This is for people who dont feel like reading the long readme.  It includes everything you NEED to know.  The longer one includes story, features, PR-type hype stuff, etc.

Requires Myth2 v 1.3

Get the 1.3 patch from www.bungie.net if you dont have it.

To use this, drop it in your plugins folder, SHIFT-click "New Game" and start playing from CoD3, the first level in the pack. if you play co-op, the host has to have loaded the level once in single-player before it shows up in the co-op levels list for a multiplayer co-op game.

To take advantage of the optional new formations, faster camera, and new splash screen, replace your local folder with the local folder included here. To selectively remove one or two of these features, delete the corresponding folder from the local. ( delete "collections" to get rid of main menu, "observer constants" to get rid of new camera, "formations" to revert back to default formations.)

There are no known bugs. Report bugs, or send any comments or requests to ares@balinsbar.com.



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