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Clash of the Giants (final)
Author: PrplPplEater


This is basically regular Clash in the Cloudspine, but with Myrk Giants instead of Trow.
Doesn't sound like much of a change eh? Try it. The ranged attack and speed of the Myrk Giant totally negates most existong defensive strategies, however its relative weakness against warlocks and mortar dwarves keeps it from being over-dominant, changing most existing offensive strategies. If you enjoyed Clash or just Myrk Giants in the past, this is one ya gotta check out, even just once. Besides, for as small the download and plugin is, its hardly a real investment in time to get it, even if you decide it isn't for you. To use this plugin, you must first remove any previous versions of it you may have. People have said it about many maps before, but this one truly offers many different ways to achieve your goals.

Happy Killing and Have Fun Always

Fixes in v2.0

Corrected type of Giants used. They no longer auto-attack with their special attack.
Added pre-game pic (hence larger file size than v1.0)

Fixes/Changes in Final version - in response to various feedback and testing
I changed out a number of units for ones that worked better with Myrk Giants, including: Changed Maul to small myrkridia, brigands became maul. The bre'Unor are now Archer Heroes (with the number of them reduced to 4 maximum and only one fire arrow each to maintain balance. Also increased the per bowman cost from 6 to 10.). Added one heron guard to each team, each heron has only one heal and cannot be traded away.
The Giants have names and new flavor, and they also will turn to stone, same as a Trow would if you aren't careful with him.
I also reduced the number of ambient background sounds in an attempt to remove some of the overhead in this map and improve gameplay and performance.
Finally, I added some toys for the ghols on this map to play with (pus, mortar rounds, satchels). To this point the ghols had been there, yet lacked the items that can make them so effective.

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: PrplPplEater

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