; Mythgraveyard

this is my second map... i made it using  photodelux  jade and fear and loathing.
this map is an edited version of cracks in the cloudspine. it features a venice (like) wall in the center area, some lakes, modified hills, and a couple of taverns to the sides of the middle (which you can hide units inside) The armies are rather large and are best played with teammates.
the units are ; trow, huron hero, brigands, thrall, souless, spiders, warlocks, dorf mortors, and wights.
i would like to thank : my Clan, Elijah, General Pepper, ummm and anyone else i missed..
creation for their amazing "map makers food", bungie for this awsome game.
have fun enjoy Snakebellywagonrut....

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software products corporation. created with Bungies fear and loathing by Snakebelly.. dropfrommyfinger@home.net

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