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Chopper Recon v1.1
by: Rivers Coumo (Chris Rotella, chris@disctickers.com)

Ever been captain in a carny game, with everyone spamming "Chop" or "Chopper plz" or "GIVE ME A F'ING CHOP NOW GDI"? Now you don't have to worry, because everyone gets a chop.
This mesh uses the color map of WW2:Recon by Santa's Head. It includes elimination, patrol, and S2 variations.

Hosting information:
WW2 units plug *must* be activated.
For S2 games, the difficulty setting determines the number of choppers as follows:
Legendary-8 per team
In S2 games, you can trade one of your choppers for a turret.

Known bug: There is a problem with Bungie's implementation of the Deathmatch option. Whenever you play Deathmatch, the choppers do not respawn in the air. I have tried numerous fixes, but nothing seems to work. I'm sorry, but until Bungie releases Myth II v1.4 (and when is that going to happen?), nothing is going to change.

Changes since 1.0:
--Made chopper rockets less powerful it now takes more than two direct hits to down a chopper
--Added healing poles. Simply place your chopper next to one for 3 seconds and your have all your health back
--Added tradable turret to S2
--Decreased the amount of smoke that chopper rockets create upon impact
--Made it so that crashing choppers don't set the map on fire (should reduce lag greatly)
--Fix the starting height on some choppers in elim
--Removed the RPGs on the hills in S2
--Changed this file
--Wrecked the damage ratio of anyone that played this in ranked (if carny didn't do so already)

Portions Santa's Head and ozone.
Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing and Vista's Amber and Tag Extractor.

Happy Fragging.

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