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The Maps:
There are 4 meshes, each one having a limited unit selection to showcase specific units as well as the gameplay strategies involved with the different units. To save space, 3 of the maps are slightly modified variants of Salvation. One of these in particular, titled "Best of the Best" is a 4 team sniping map. All teams start with a sniper and spotter be it American or Vietnamese. The unit selection for both sides are a mixture of M-14 Scout/marine Snipers and SKS/VC Snipers. What makes this map unique is the strategy. The snipers have no sight range, and must rely on their scout for target identification. Should the scout get killed, you are not doomed to wander the map blindly control clicking for opponents, but instead confined to the sight distance the scout had had just before he died. The strategy here is very advanced. You must decide which opposing unit to attack first, and, should your scout die, should you run for cover and use the "unfogged" area to snipe unsuspecting targets from extreme ranges, or should you remain in the vicinity of your fallen scout so none of the other players can sneak up on you undetected?
The other map is a brand new color map by the great General Pepper. It functions almost as a maze of dead ends and ambush points. On flag games, even though both teams start seemingly close to the flag, you must travel very far out of your way to get to an entrance point. Along the way you face potential ambushes from the other team. A good example of this is by taking marines into waist deep water and taunting (which makes them duck). Should other units come by, open up with some light support weapons from long range and pop up the marines right next to the unsuspecting targets.

The Plugin: You can get the plugin in the plugin section.

This is the highest evolution of the seemingly immortal and always changing Vietnam Units. All units have been completely remade from an empty local folder and are the highest quality yet. From the fluid animations to the enhanced detail, the units will definitely impress you. The system has been refined to the point where it seems like a perfect clone of the way normal myth plays. All units are very well balanced, and unlike the last one with only 3 vietnamese units, there is a counterpart for every american unit (except helicopters and unique units of course). There are a total of 18 new units with 17 new unit collections. On most CP maps, the only units and counterparts you will encounter include: M-16 Marine/AK-47 Viet Cong, M-14 Marine/SKS Viet Cong, M-60/RPK, M-79/RPG, Marine shotgun/Vietnamese shotgun, and the Scout Sniper/VC Sniper.
The other less common units encountered in single player include: UH-1 Huey Gunship, Marine Radio Operator, Vietnamese Suicider, Vietnamese Villagers, the Mk-19 40mm Grenade Launcher, Marine Medic, and the experienced Viet Cong. Don't be put off by the number of units, they are fairly easy to learn. If you're thinking this is going to be anything like the last one, I'd recommend getting it, you will like what you see. All single player levels should work with it; we beat the game all the way through just to test it. Some levels are a little trickier but trust me, they can be beaten.

There are more maps by other CP fans on the way with several already in the works and near completion. If you would like a description of the individual units and what they can do, just email me or crestfallen and we'll put descriptions up on the website (www.wodasini.cjb.net). If you would like to make your own map from this, send us an email and we'll check it out. If we ok it, it's all yours.

Thanks to all our beta testers:
Cold Steel
General Pepper

Thanks to Killingseed and Point for for ignoring our hatred of WWII and giving us access to some great resources.

All graphics by Wod`asini and Crestfallen
Copyright 2001

made with fear and loathing
Copy right Bungie software 1998

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