; Mythgraveyard

To use this plugin simply put it in your plugins folder in the Myth II directory. Find a map with Fetch and Dwarves on it (I know there aren't many out there but I should be releasing an If I Had a Trow... remake with all the old units, other maps you can try this on are: I'll Fall on your Spiderweb being the only one with Fetch and Dwarves that came with MythII, The Dark Canyon which comes with The Great Divide, Re-Apply For Carnage Dark and Green Acres Dark with Mortar Dwarves). If you dont know how to Carpet it is as simple as lining your Dwarves (works best with heroes) up behind a few Fetch (Be careful not to hit your Fetch in the back 
of the head!) and throwing over the Fetches heads by control clicking, then control click the ground in the same spot using your Fetch while the bottles are in the air. Anyone who knows how to carpet knows that it is all in the timing and with enough practice one can begin to aim the shots. One more thing, this message will self destruct in 5 seconds, no wait, Enjoy,
yeah that's it :-)

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Fear by: Chad Careswell, synapsed@home.com

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