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After the file has been unstuffed simply locate the file named "caliech'val v1.0" and move it to the Plugins folder inside your Myth II directory. Then simply load up a multiplayer game and select one of the eight meshes in the list

Deep in the Southern reaches of the cloudspine mountains was once found an unusual oasis of growth and strange rock amidst a curtain of sleet and snow. This valley was once the home of the Callieach, and was hence named "caliech'val" or Valley of the Callieach by the trow, some two hundred years before the creation of the Great Devoid. The valley has remained untouched ever since but now, in some small part to the ancient energies still lingering here the armies of the light and dark now rage of the great basin and surrounding lands.

* Beautiful Bryce 4 colour and displacement maps making for a very natural and overall incredible mesh
* Shadows and fog allow for great differences between light and dark meshes with Chimera fog around the water
* Fairly uncommon unit selection with only single assasin or stampede targets (not on 2 team mesh)
* Ambient lightning and healing effects make for some interesting play

Valley of the Giants (16 player giant)
A 16 player mesh where each player gets 1 myrkridian giant regardless of game type, even on Assasin, Stampede and Capture the Flag! Leading for some interesting tactical possibilities

The Fourteenth Crimson Tide (2 teams)
A mesh with two massive teams, light and dark with equal ammounts of points. Trow and Myrkridian Giants are used for general game types as well as Assasin and Stampede targets

Vailed Shroud (4 teams dark)
A dark 4 start mesh with fairly large, difficulty dependent forces. Legendary is suitable for 2 to 3 players per team while timid is suitable for 1 player per team. Adjust according to taste

Caliech'Val (4 teams light)
A light variant of Vailed Shroud

The vail of Callieach (6 teams dark)
A dark 6 team mesh with teams of a size for 1 or 2 players per team

Valley of the Callieach (6 teams light)
A light variant of The Vail Of Callieach

Circle of damnation (8 teams dark)
A dark 8 team mesh for 1 player per team, intended as an FFA since I heard many people complaining about gimble and so on only having 6 starts

Circle of radiance (8 teams light)
A light variant of Circle of damnation

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Myth : The Fallen Lords and Myth II : Soulblighter are copyright in part or in whole Take 2 Interactive 2002 (and onwards). This plug-in was created using Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Haravikk. Any improper use of and/or release of edited materials based on this plug-in is strictly forbidden without the prior consent of Haravikk. This plug-in may be freely distributed on any non-profit medium (free internet sites) as long as the read me and corresponding files are also included

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