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Charlies Point

CP2 the second tagset using the Charlie's Point units and style of gameplay.

the new units:

M2 gunner-a .50cal M2 heavy machinegun he is stationary unless you are playing on NAM-WillowCreek on that map he can get up and move by pressing the tuant key press tuant again for him to get back into position.

DSKM- bascially the same thing as M2 but russian made and is carted instead of haul around.(also can move on NAM-WillowCreek

Ghost of the Jungle-a VC soldier gone mad he stalks the jungle with a clever and can pickup and use an RPG

Spec Ops soldier-skill in small arms he can pickup an m60 or use his knife

*both the spe ops and ghost can drop mines for T attack

MAPS for CP2:
Khe Sanh-comes with 4 team and 2 team variants
Tour2-contains the modified myth solos, Take the fort, and engage victor charlie spec ops
Target Range-a solo map CM bye Cold Steel scripting by wod`asini
Early Dawn attack-4 team and 2 team variants
The Perimeter-sniper version, 2 team, and ffa
For Whom the bell tolls-sniper, ffa, and 2 team
**all tour1 maps will work this the new tagset

for more info on the original units go to www.wodasini.cjb.net you can also email me with any comments at powerman@gnrac.net

Info from the original CP release

This is the highest evolution of the seemingly immortal and always changing Vietnam
Units. All units have been completely remade from an empty local folder and are the
highest quality yet. From the fluid animations to the enhanced detail, the units will
definitely impress you. The system has been refined to the point where it seems like a
perfect clone of the way normal myth plays. All units are very well balanced, and
unlike the last one with only 3 vietnamese units, there is a counterpart for every
american unit (except helicopters and unique units of course). There are a total of 18
new units with 17 new unit collections. On most CP maps, the only units and
counterparts you will encounter include: M-16 Marine/AK-47 Viet Cong, M-14
Marine/SKS Viet Cong, M-60/RPK, M-79/RPG, Marine shotgun/Vietnamese shotgun,
and the Scout Sniper/VC Sniper.

The other less common units encountered in single player include: UH-1 Huey Gunship,
Marine Radio Operator, Vietnamese Suicider, Vietnamese Villagers, the Mk-19 40mm
Grenade Launcher, Marine Medic, and the experienced Viet Cong. Don't be put off by the
number of units, they are fairly easy to learn. If you're thinking this is going to be
anything like the last one, I'd recommend getting it, you will like what you see. All
single player levels should work with it; we beat the game all the way through just to
test it. Some levels are a little trickier but trust me, they can be beaten.

Tagset by wod`asini support and tons of testing and buetifull colormaps by Cold Steel

Thanks to all our beta testers:
Cold Steel
General Pepper
Blade (the lieing ch33ting d3vÁl who iz 3vil and kills us wit da DSKM and da radio man)

All graphics by Wod`asini
Copyright 2001

made with fear and loathing
Copy right Bungie software 1998

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