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C.A.G.E.S (Central Agency Government of Earth and Space)
Troll (jibley@hotmail.com)


I. Installation
II. Secrets/hints
III. Credits/thank yous
IV. Bungie Stuff
V. Usage of the CAGES Tags
VI. Creator's Comments


I. Installation

CAGES plugin - Simply place it into your "plugins" folder in your myth 2 folder.

Interface (read this!)- unzip, put this plugin "CAGED and Interfaced" in your plugin folder. Then remove the plugin "Patch 1.2". Once this is completed, everything will work fine (and there will not be red games on b-net if you install this correctly).

Other/Misc. tips (read these!)...
-The actual solo maps are at the bottom of the map list, in green.
-Shift click on "new game" when starting up myth to see the maps.
-In two places there are long sounds. It is recommended that you not speed up the game (with F2) in these areas, because then the sounds will get out of sync with the game...and it's bad. :) To help you out, these two places are at the end of the fourth level, and at the beginning of the secret in the fifth level.


"As I walked up the hills of Grawrk to take away the dead bodies of other troopers, I felt something was wrong. My gut screamed at me to just run away, but why? I continued on, loading the corpses of the men who had sacrificed their lives for people like me. Through the bloodshed I persisted, even killing some of the remaining 'Noids that still squirmed in desperation to get up, but unable to by the many holes blown into them. We had lost this battle, yet I couldn't tell why. Once it was over, the enemy took off as fast as they had come. A hit and run? That wasn't like what the 'Noids did. They would slowly but steadily advance from where they land on the planet, until no man lived on that planet. The 'Noids are ruthless creatures, always killing whatever they can, with what seems no fear of dying. They kill their prey with claws, slicing and dicing until the poor soul is barely hanging onto life, only then do they start eating them.
Then it dawned on me.

I saw a trooper that was dead, but had been blown to bits by some sort of gun. This was no work of the 'Noids, and from what I knew it wasn't from one of our guns. This was why I didn't want to come here; this man had been attacked with something humans had previously never seen before. Had the 'Noids developed guns? That thought was far fetched, although the 'Noids could get from one planet to another, it certainly wasn't because of technology. I didn't have long to think about this, because at that moment I saw what I had dreaded to see. It jumped at me, claws outstretched, eyes glistening in the sunlight. I was too fast for it though, its body crumpled at my feet, smoke coming out of the burnt hole I had made with my laser. I stood rigid, with fear. This was another type of alien."


II. Secrets/hints
Level 1 "The Training Grounds"
-Fighting is not always the best answer for the CTF part of this map; there are 3 teams besides your own, and they tend to mess with each other.
-Use grenades!

Level 2 "The Galoncians"
-When you only have the one trooper to secretly get into the Red base, it is wise to stay away, and not hurt the enemy.
-Your one trooper attacks with a rocket by hitting 't'. You do not need to click on an enemy, just hit t.

Level 3 "Into the Red Ants' Nest"
-Your galoncians can be used as body guards just as well as melee troops.
Cool thing:
There is a totally and completely new model in this map, but you have to beat the map to see it. Trust me, not only is this a fun level, but this model kicks.

Level 4 "A Rocket in my Pocket"
Hints: Just hit 't' to attack! This is the same as the one trooper in level 2.
In the rocks twisting passages (or from your starting location, just go due east on the overhead), and you will see it. Three outhouses will be lined up, with a line coming from each. From each line...are aliens waiting (and noisily waiting) to get into the outhouse! Hey - ya gotta go when ya gotta go (and honestly, have you ever seen a myth unit go...really, they must be super people considering ;).

Level 5
Well, where should I begin? :)
1)When starting the map (I'd suggest doing this the second time you play, however), immediately hit return (selects all of your units on the screen - there is one), and hit 'u'.
2)Upon completing the above, well, you will know what happens when you try it (note: if you aren't "up to date" on humor, then you might not understand this joke). Just watch here.
2)After that joke, Reds and Arachnoids will attack your tro!! Well, just defend (you also have an extra rocket launcher trooper if things get tough...up north :)
3)Once you have defeated the Reds and 'Noids, head south to the pool. Kill shiver, have fun. :)
4)On the southeast side of this map, is a nice li'l picture and some writing...heh heh
5)In the southeast area of the map, you will find a short joke, just have fun. :)
If you didn't notice, this level is primarily for fun, but a lot of people won't realize this fact, you can however. :)

III. Credits/Thank yous
Well, If you hadn't guessed, I (Troll) didn't do everything for CAGES, but I certainly did the majority (like fearing, loathing, scripting, interface and a bunch of other things). This is the place where I recognize people who helped make CAGES possible, and before I start, I'd just like to give them a big big big thank you! :)

Mormith - he made three units that I am using in CAGES (the galoncian {imp}, red (melee) {mezzodemon} and 'noid {krell}, I do have permission to use these unit and other assorted tags made by him from Slay it isn't So). If he hadn't been nice, and let me use his units, CAGES probably wouldn't have happened, so thanks to mormith!!

Nate (nate@gluethemoose.com) - the wonderful and well done music in CAGES. More of his work is at http://www.gluethemoose.com

h'biki (biki@dumphuck.com) - acted, and recorded (@ 2SER FM, Sydney) the narrations for CAGES. With his accent, the narrations sound even more authentic and different from what most people expect to hear. For more info on this great guy, visit his site (http://www.biki.net)!

El Bastard - for porting some marathon sounds to myth 2 which I used (these are used with permission). If he hadn't have done this, I would have had to make my own or find them on the web, yikes!

Soma - for making one of the color maps, and also making textures that I used in the texture maps that I made for CAGES. Thanks a lot for both, soma!

Kuba - another great color map. Thanks to Kuba!

Vodi - not only did he make amber (thanks a ton for that, vodi! The mill's contest wouldn't be near what it is without what map makers are able to do because of you!), but he helped get CAGES started, by going over and making the (original...now deceased since it would have demanded more than 5 maps) story in the early stages of development.

Khaavren - generally a good guy, and also good at general critiquing.

Halcyon - the models from Frog Blast the Ventcore. These are very neat things that work well in CAGES, thanks! (used with permission)

iggy popped - the starship model. Well, what can I say. Just look at that model. Thanks a ton!!! :)

Acrappa - made the preview for CAGES, including that great movie. He also helped a lot in testing and was generally a good guy to have help. :)

Fred and Darth Maul - helping me fix some of those darn PC only bugs!

Vista (as if I haven't listed enough from vista already) - a general thank you to all of the members who have helped me in various ways,

Bungie - Not only did they make this game, but they made marathon. As well as using Loathing and Fear, I also used some things from Marathon (sounds...several textures). Hours and hours have been spent on their great games, having fun and a good time!

Beta testers: Clan Plaid, Bloodluster (aka Ambiorix)/Anictolyte, Astro the Space Duck, Acrappa, Bloodbeard, Ar-Isildur, fear, Holy Shemp, Darth Maul, Fred, Hiro and anyone else whom I forgot to mention!

IV. Bungie Stuff
Copyright 2000 in whole or in part Bungie Software Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Troll (jibley@hotmail.com).

V. Usage of the CAGES tags
The CAGES Units:
You need to tell me (jibley@hotmail.com) about what you are using the CAGES units for, and tell me where I can find your map. This is not tough, and most people will be able to use the units, I am just curious as to where they are used. In other words, tell me about your map before you release it if you are using any of my tags (note: I did not make all of the tags, for instance, the models, those are different circumstances. Ask the creator of those tags if you can use it or not). I will also probably be releasing a tagset of the units soon, so you can use that as well, when it is released.

The spaceship model:
The Spaceship model was crafted by iggy popped (richardec@uswest.net). You're free to use it for your own mapmaking efforts, but do him the courtesy of at least letting him know how you're gonna use it so he can see the cool things you've done. =)

VI. Creator's Comments
This plugin originally started before the Mill's contest, and I wanted something totally new, having new strategies, different game-play from myth, but fun and exciting action. At first the story for CAGES was very different from what it is now; Vodi and I created a very unique plot line, creating a completely new environment, and telling a big story by the end of the last map. However, with the five map limit in the contest, the original non-linear story would not have worked, so another one was started. This story is probably not the greatest, because truly CAGES needs more than five maps to get a clear understanding of the universe the maps take place in. I do think that the story could have been better with more maps, but I do think it is a fairly good intro the CAGES (note the "intro part", heh heh).

I believe that I CAGES is a very good set of maps, having what I had hoped for; a new, but very fun, game-play. The fun, along with the newness of this plugin really make CAGES a quality plugin, and one that other people like. Hopefully you will like it just as much as I do!

If you have any questions or comments, e-mail me at jibley@hotmail.com

And remember, above all, have fun!!

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