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Bustle In Your Hedgerow v1.0r

Original Map by Electrofryer (SBS) ~ 2000-11-15
Redux Version by Baak (OoH) ~ Last Modified: 2008-01-30

Another one of our most-played plugins - includes all original maps with the
following fixes, tweaks, and additions:

* [Bug] Slugfest map included uncontrollable stampede units for one team
on all game types, rendering most games on this map unplayable - FIXED!

* [Tweak] Hedges are now "Walking Impassable" instead of "Flying Impassable",
allowing units such as Leggo Airships, RDF Minis, UGR Wights, etc., to move
freely over them - MUHAHAHAhahahahaaaaaaa...

* [Tweak] Those annoying Peasants were removed after I had to move the third
one to allow for proper flag/ball positioning on new maps. I don't know how
it happened exactly, but once I started removing them I just couldn't stop.

* [Additional Game Types] Slugfest and Wacky maps now include Assassin, CtF,
and BoP; Dark maps now include BoP; Light maps now include Stampede and BoP.

* [Additional Maps] Added 2-team versions of all maps (Light, Dark, Slugfest,
and Wacky); Added a 4-start version of Wacky (since the 8-start is mighty
tough in KotH when starting in the corners). The 2-team maps have some trees
cleared in the diagonal corner starts to allow more units to fight on CtF.

* [Tweak] Renamed maps to include Light and -2, -4, -8 where appropriate.

Otherwise unchanged (except for changing "Hedge-row" to "Hedgerow").

Original text from the Total Codex readme is included below.


--------------- Original Readme Text: -----------------------------------------

AUTHOR: Electrofryer

SUMMARY: Search down your opponents in this green hedge maze of solid
wackyness. If you're lucky, you might just run into a pack of Lich
Mages! The maze is surrounded by a beautiful park with fountains
and nifty dwarven statues.


Lots of hard work has been put into this map and I could never have finished
the lich mages without KVLtv's and Frigidman's help. KVLtv also made those
awesome, really blastable dwarven statues surrounding the fountain pools, and
gave me a lot of support and suggestions. He's well worth a lot of credit in
the making of this map. I'd also like to thank my fellow members of SBS and
the inhabitants of vistaHL and nosHL, and of course fellowship of stoneheim
for using their Myth:TFL pathfinder.


Lich Mage info:

The Lich Mage is a modified version of the summoner, with new graphics
and attacks. He works sort of like an archer by casting a shrapmetal spell.
If you move close to an enemy unit and press the special ability key, he will
turn that unit to stone. However this requires full mana and you're only
able to cast the spell once per lich mage. To remove stoned condition just
use healing.

Thanks for downloading,

- Electrofryer (aka Chrille Blomqvist, SBS)

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