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A Five-Level Bushido Solo Campaign

:::: Table of Contents

:::: 1. Using this Plugin

:::: 2. What is Bushido?

:::: 3. Story

:::: 4. New Units

:::: 5. USING YOSHITSUNE ( <-- must read)

:::: 6. Credits

:::: 7. Legal & Contact Info

:::: 1. Using this Plugin

To use this plugin, simply place it into your "plugins" folder inside your Myth II folder. Then click on "New Game." The first level of Bushido Solo, "The Gathering," should appear in the level list. Others will become available as you advance through the mission. You can also start up co-op games of any levels you have reached.

If you put the "Shidoblighter" plugin in your plugins folder, you will also get six of your favorite Myth II levels optimized for Bushido. You must play a coop game and use the tagset, or decompile the tagset into your local folder in order to get the Bushido units. Otherwise, it will just be wierd mb.

If you already have a custom set of formations, don't bother to use ours... but if you don't, it is strongly recommended that you use the set of formations we have included. Just make sure the filepath is Myth II ─ -> local -> formations -> (the file) and you will have formations better suited for Bushido... 1 is an infinitely long line, widely spaced; 2 is an infinitely long line, shoulder-to-shoulder, 3 is a very widely spaced line up to 5 units long, and 5 is a very tight box. These are the formations to use almost all the time. Use 5 for melee battles, 1 or 2 for ranged (1 where space permits, 2 where space is constrained), and 3 for artillary.

:::: 2. What is Bushido?

Bushido is a Total Conversion that takes place in Feudal Japan. It has over a dozen new units and a unique style of gameplay. There are six official Bushido netmaps and the Tagset that gives you all the units on any level. There are also a few "fourth-party" Bushido maps, most notably by the Idiot Mapmaking Collective. With this release come two new multiplayer Bushido maps from Creation.

Bushido is a very popular TC... It has well over 11,000 total downloads from the Mill and our site, www.creationgames.com, as of this writing.

This solo campaign features a new unit, Yoshitsune.

:::: 3. Story

An evil and cruel warlord, Kiyomori-sama, leader of the Taira clan, is taking over all of Japan. You are Yoshitsune, a young man out to avenge his father's death and liberate your country. Play the game for specific level stories.

:::: 4. New Units


Cranes: New ambient units that waddle around and fly away if you get close. Don't hurt them, they're an endangered species.

Villagers: There are three varieties... Male and female villagers are present on some levels. You'll also see rice-paddy workers. They're on your side so don't hurt them, despite the funny noises they make.

Spearmen: Enlisted fighters, Spearmen are often no more than slaves. Some of them may be willing to join your cause, but often, they are made to fight for Kiyomori-sama out of fear. Killing them would almost be merciful.

Warrior Monks (Sohei): The Sohei are wandering monks, tired of fighting. If you prove your worth, however, they will fight for you and you alone. Their friendship is not something to be taken lightly, for you will need them in your campaign.

Ronin: Hired mercenaries, petty thugs, or masterless Samurai, the Ronin usually fight for the highest bidder, meaning they will be against you. However, Ronin gangs sometimes have fiercesome rivalries, and you will control a few occasionally.

Bowmen: The bowmen are trained in the art of long-range warfare, and are an essential part of both your forces and Kiyomori-sama's. They have four attacks. By default, they shoot arrows, but they have a fire-arrow special ability. They throw Shuriken at close range, and at very close range, they have a double-click punch attack.

Samurai Swordsmen: Not always honorable and just, the Samurai under Kiyomori-sama are more like bloodthirsty demons of war. Others are bound by principle and honor, and will fight for you.

Samurai Yumi (Horse Archers): Great skirmishers, the Samurai Yumi are archers on horses, with great speed and superior fighting ability.

Rocket Mortars: Invented by Hiro, the rocket mortars are devastating at artillary warfare. Hiro was captured and forced to produce mortars for the Taira, but if he could be freed and could instruct your men in his art, the balance of power may swing towards you... Rocket Mortars in Bushido Solo are a little different from the multiplayer Bushido mortars. We got a lot of feedback that mortars are not powerful enough. Mortar rockets are now more reliable and slightly more deadly, and the player's mortars will lead their target, although the enemy's will not.

Elementalists: Elementalists control the forces of nature as their weapon. They are altogether evil, and serve the Taira well, giving no second thought to the many that they impale with their ice missiles or burn with their fire.

Tengu: The wood-goblins are friendly to Yoshitsune, and will always serve you. They throw short-range bombs that are extremely random, often only doing minor damage, but occasionally paralyzing or disintigrating their target. They are also extremely fast and can heal your units.

Oni: Evil spirits in the form of giant, brutish Ogres, the savage Oni deal instant death with their clubs, and have been summoned by Kiyomori-sama to serve him. And serve him they do.


Benkei: A particularly skilled Elementalist, Benkei is practically invincible. He is greedy and fancies himself the cleverest of all. His overconfidence is his weakness - exploit it!

Yoshitsune: The hero you control in most of the levels, Yoshitsune is a fierce fighter and is trained in all arts of war. The section below describes him in detail

Hiro: A practical man, Hiro is the inventor of the Rocket Mortars. As a unique villager, he is defenseless, and must be protected.

Kiyomori-Sama: The evil warlord who opposes you, Kiyomori is a Samurai warrior whose heart is blackened and stained.

The Goddess: Yoshitsune's guardian angel. This women dressed all in white wields no destructive attacks, but her powers are more dear.



You may need some instruction on how to use the new unique character Yoshitsune, the most versatile new unit ever. As long as you understand the basic principles behind him, you should have no trouble. Yoshitsune can pick up and use any object. He can only carry one object at a time. He will always have two attacks - a primary attack, and a special ability that will use, drop, or throw the item in his inventory, making room for another.

Yoshitsune's basic weapon is the sword, which is always available to him. This is his default primary attack. The things that Yoshitsune picks up will either override this default attack and be dropped with the special ability, or will themselves be a special ability attack that will use up or throw the item in inventory.

SWORDS - Yoshitsune starts with the sword his father gave him and would not trade it for the finest katana in Japan. But he can pick up dropped enemy swords, and throw them with the special ability.

BOWS - Yoshitsune can pick up bows and use them. While carrying a bow, Yoshitsune's speed will be reduced as will his attack rate, but he will still be able to attack quickly, and from a distance. While carrying the bow, his special ability will drop the bow and cause him to draw his sword. His animation is switched to show him carrying the bow. When you drop a bow, you may always pick it up again, unless you drop it on impassible ground.

ROCKET MORTAR TUBES - Yoshitsune can pick up and use dropped mortar tubes. While carrying a mortar tube, Yoshitsune's speed will be significantly reduced and he will only be able to attack once. Once the mortar is used (i.e. once you attack once), Yoshitune will drop the used, empty tube and automatically revert to the sword. To drop the mortar without using it, perhaps to pick it up later, use the special ability. While carrying the mortar, Yoshitsune's animation is switched to reflect this.

Used, empty mortar tubes cannot be picked up again, so keep track of which you have used. The ground will be charred underneath tubes that have already been used up, which makes it easier to tell.

LOTUS BLOSSUMS - Yoshitsune can pick up and use lotus blossums to heal himself or others. It is important to note that the lotus blossum is unique in that it MUST be USED UP in order to pick up and use anything else. You can't drop the lotus once you have it, you must use it if you want to make room in your inventory. This is an unfortunate consequence of only being able to have two attacks.

DETRITUS and ITEMS - Yoshitsune can pick up and throw any small object on the battlefield, including limbs, heads, swords, crystals, and bags of gold. One useful item to throw might be satchel charges, to set a trap or blow up a bridge...

Unfortunately, there is one small consequence of this innovative new technique that deserves mention: When Yoshitsune picks up or drops / uses the bow, mortar tube, or lotus blossum, (in other words, when his animation is switched) he will be deselected, and if its a network game the captain will gain control, and if Yoshitsune is in a preset he will be removed from that preset. Usually you'd want to switch the preset anyway (put him with the bowmen instead of the melee for example) and by making sure the captain controls Yoshitsune in coop games, these problems are barely noticable.

::::6. Credits

Bushido Units, Artwork, Voices, Narrations, Scenery, Music, and Colormaps: Cydonian
Cydonian did almost all the graphics and sound in Bushido Solo, as well as the pregames. Uhm, wow?

Level 1 and 5 scripting, Readme, Compilation: Ares¬
Ares did some Scripting Magic on this project. He also wrote the readme.

Level 2 and 4 scripting, Scenery, Compilation: REDDEK
Reddek scripted the cinematic Level2 and the action-packed level4. He also made some trees and crates & stuff.

Level 1 and 3 scripting, Compilation: SiliconDream
SiliconDream, in addition to scripting some of the more complex levels, was one of the primary scripters for Yoshitsune's weapon-switching and the de-horser script

Voices and Other Sounds; Huts: The Pope
The Pope's cheesy Japanese accent is unparalled! He's Benkei and the Tengu, among others. Those huts in level 1 WOULD have been models, but for Apathy (sniff), but the many-angle 2-D version works too.

Story: Tom Servo and Milk Man
These two fleshed out the Bushido story.

Postgame Art: TJ & Tom Servo
All cool postgame images were done by TJ, 'xept for the 1&4 win screen, which was drawn by Tom.

Bug Fixes & Infinite Patience: Ghost
Ghost is the reason that this works on Wintel boxes.

Scenery, Graphics Photoshop work, Website: Clem
For once, Clem did almost nothing!... well... 'xept tweak some graphics in PS and compile the postgames, of course. And the website. Oh, and he did some scenery, so I've been told :)

:::: 7. Legal & Contact Info

Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Creation.

Ask us for permission to use any new units or scenery included here. You agree by reading this that failure to do so will cause you to waive all legal property rights you have to your soul.

email cydonian@mail.com with questions or comments

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