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Seinaru Tochi  Unit Selections by Pimpy™ 
Bushido Units by Creation and Cydonian
Some cherry trees and scenery items by The Pope of Creation
Meshes, colormap, design, labor by Modest

Seinaru Tochi features a farming village surrounding a temple grove.
There are 6 meshes, and most game typres are available.

Please see the included Read me's for legality and other credits.
Copyright 2000 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with
Bungie Software Products Corporation's Fear and Loathing by
Modest ( A.Benrubi arhb@earthlink.net)

BUSHIDO RIOT 15 starts Soudou
Unit Trading:
Samurai Swordsman 1/3 (berzerks)
Samurai Bowman 0/2 (soulless)
Rocket Mortar 0/2 (morter dwarf)
Elementalist 1/1 (fetch)
Tengu 0/1 (jman)
Oni 0/1 (trow)
8 TEAM LIGHT hiroikku
Unit Trading:
Spearman 10/16 (thrall)
Warrior Monk 6/10 (ghol)
Bowman 6/8 (archer)
Samurai Swordsman 4/6 (berxerks)
Rocket Mortar 2/3 (mort dwarf)
Tengu 0/1 (jman)
Assassin = 1 elemental (warlock)
8 TEAM DARK fugiri
Unit Trading:
Ronin 10/16 (warrior)
Samurai Bowman 2/3 (soulless)
Rocket Mortar 2/3 (morter dwarf)
Oni 1/1 (trow)
4 TEAM konbattochiimu
Unit Trading:
Spearman 20/30 (thrall)
Warrior Monk 16/24 (ghol)
Bowman 12/18 (archer)
Samurai Swordsman 8/16 (zerks):
Samurai Bowman 4/6 (soulless)
Elementalist 2/4 (fetch)
Tengu 1/2 (jman)
ASSASSIN = Mortar rocketx2
Stamp = male ambiet x12
2 TEAM shusseigun
Unit Trading:
Spearman 30/45 (thrall\ghast)
Ronin 18/27 (warriors\brigand)
Samurai Swordsman 14/21 (zerks\herons)
Bowman 6/12 (archer)
Rocket Mortar 3/6 (morter dwarf)
Elementalist 2/4 (warlock\fetch)
Tengu 1/2 (jman\ghol)
Oni 1/2 (trow\myrk giant)
2 samurai bowman (soulless) NT
3 standard bearers (wights) assissn nt targets
Ninja Riot!
15 Starts
each team gets 1 ninja on normal or lower difficulty
2 on heroic
and 3 on legendary

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