; Mythgraveyard

Bridges_Between_Us... (ozone)

this map has ALOT of scenery items on it ..it is best played at 800 x 600 -- anything higher and you may experience gittery play... unless ya got a speedy proccessor :)

Elimination- 1 unit, 15 starts

Patrol - 3 units, 15 starts

S4- 8 units timid, 12 simple and normal, 16 heroic and add two shotgun/unlimited nade units on legendary. Also trade for a cannon if youd like.

S2- choose between 24 units and two oz cannons

T2- choose between 54 units, 3 Tanks, and 3 oz cannons

Timid- what your unit starts with and meds...mb a few nades scattered around but dont bother lookin.

Simple- health and nades

Normal- add rpgs to the mix

Heroic- add mines, claymores and flamebottles

Legendary- add flaks and ammo belts

(*oz cannon is slightly faster, has 2 rounds of mines and turns a little bit faster ... you may not even notice)

Thanks to nHexane for help with final color map color adjustments and to Santas Head (once again man, thanks for the awesome plug to work with. Id like to thank everyone you helped test this thing-- (G, 37, , ii, team) and especially Fear Factory, Commander, Hal 9000 and everyone from G (sorry cow man no cow skull on this one). If I left ya out, im sorry ..I THANK YOU TOO.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have fun playing. War is real..this is a game.

if youd like to use this mesh for your own map feel free to inquire : eddieozone@earthlink.net

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: o z o n e

Soldier units copyright Craig Goodman aka. Santa's Head #CP#Z

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