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Brave the Ghenjiwash

This plug-in includes a solo game and a net map with four meshes. The solo map proper is very different from the netmaps, but they are part of the same geographic theme (neighbors in a campaign I am slowly fleshing out).

The netmaps have already been released under the name "Talus," but they are included here as well. These maps are designed not to conflict with the previously released plug, but this also means they are not considered the same maps for the sake of play (by the Myth engine).

The Story.
"Legends hold that a spring found at the heart of the great Ghenjiwash is possessed of mystic curative powers. It is said that those waters could heal the gravely wounded and even return to life the recently dead. But then, according to myth, a demon cursed the spring, and it soured. Thus, the waters that once restored life would now only return the corruption of a person, reanimating the foul carcass, but only as a cruel mockery of life.

"Somewhere in those days, and for what reasons we shall forever remain unsure, men built a fortress deep in the Ghenjiwash, presumably nearby the spring. Whether to protect or to horde the power of the precious healing water, or to quell the foul legion that later rose from its cursed murk, none can say. It is now only ruins, and merely a place of whispered tales of dread.

"What lends credence to this legend however, are the stories of the dead that wander the vast wetlands. Locals will not venture within the dread place, and travelers so bold and foolish to do so are never again seen.

"There is the abundance of treasured mandrake root that grow wild on high ground deep within the swamp as well. The plants feed from the essence of the spring but purify the taint of the horrible curse. This has made the region exalted amongst the brotherhood of the Heron guard. To them, the Ghenjiwash remains a holy place, despite its menacing reputation.

"Recently, horror has gripped the villages that line the southern reaches of the Ghenjiwash. Capricious tales of sighting the undead host has turned to frantic claims of attacks and pleas for help from the nearest outland lord. One haunting account speaks of an unseen beast that appears only as it fills with the blood of itŐs victim.

"Lord Nanteyr has dispatched some of his best men to resolve the matterÉ"

Final note.
This solo game has the flavor of the multiplayer game "Drowned Kingdom" in that the map is similar. It based on that mesh, but it has been altered to be completely unique. Beware of false familiarity: you may be lulled into a sense of false security by virtue of the fact that it "seems" to be the same mesh.


Included with this solo map is a set of four multiplayer maps. These meshes are large ("desert" sized), and have varying terrains to enhance play. The northwest corner is a cypress marsh with little dry land and numerous "sinks," while the southeast is a woodlands bisected by a menadering river. The center of the map (running southwest to northeast) is the levee itself -- raised stoneworks that has been overgrown by the surrounding woodlands. The center is the old "lock" of the levee, a watery hole that is operated by magic when the wetlands to the north flood.

One of my personal quests is to toss stealth into the mix of glorious battle. For this reason, I utilize some unorthodox units and establish very specific unit balances. Here I have included two relatively unused options:
As stated before, the permanently invisible pathfinder adds an element of danger to play that can be far more devistating than a pissed off trow. This unit only appears on the "Slugfest" mesh.
Speedy and stealthy, and surely deadly if your friends aren't around or even paying attention. This completely underutilized unit appears in the "Mighty" mesh.
These units must each be used carefully, as they are all brutal mistakes when placed in the wrong setting. However, they can be fun when utilized correctly. Heroes only appear on two meshes, "Mighty" and "skirmish."

Archer Heroes.
To offset Trow and Myrkridia, these appear on "Mighty," while they appear on "Skirmish" to offset Beserk heroes and Myrkridia.
Beserk Heroes.
These are tough and quick units, needed to take down the fierce Myrkridia and lethal Archer Heroes. These appear in "Skirmish."
Heron Guard Heroes.
Great fighters, fast movers, and most importantly, healers, these units are also an important balancing mechanism to offset the other troops found on these battlefields. These appear on "Mighty" and "skirmish."

The Story.
The Talus is a levee built on the eastern fringes of the great Ghenjiwash marsh by the late emporer Mantuis Traemin. It was built to protect the lands of Andwersa from the catastrophic flooding that plagues those that dwell in the region. It is a massive earthenworks guilded by stones quarried from the Yordja province.

When the waters of the Ghenjiwash rise, the lock of the Talus is used to feed the river Yandis. This river, which races from the headwaters, comes to meander gently through the lands of Andwersa.

During the time of these battles, the waters of the Ghenjiwash are low...

Game types.
All meshes have the same game types, and some have special features. Here is a list of those included and what to look out for:
Balls on Parade.
Body Count.
Capture the Flag.
Flag Rally.
King of the Hill. Slugfest, having the option of trading for invisible pathfinders, becomes a whole new experience when your forces duke it out for the pond in the middle. Check this out -- its a new experience.
Last Man on the Hill.
Steal the Bacon.
Territories. There are two points in the map that are more difficult to maintain: the swamp islands in the northwest and the central pond. These areas each have two territories flags to reward the strong.

The Meshes.
There are four meshes in this plug-in. The maps themselves are exactly the same, though each has a vastly differing unit selection. Here is a summary of each

This is the "light" unit map. More appropriately, it is the "weaker" unit map, focusing on startegy over brute force. The units include: Brigands, Dwarves, Ghols, Journeymen, Soulless, Thralls, Wights. A fetch is the Assassin target (appears only on Assassin).

This is the "dark" unit map, otherwise saying the "stronger" unit map. This has raw stopping power. The units available here are: Archer Heroes, Heron Guard Heroes, Mahir, Mauls, Myrkridia, Spiders, Trow, Warlocks. The Heron Gaurd Heroes are the assasin units (two of them).

Intended to be the "one on one" map, with a lesser (and therefore more managable number) of units, this mesh somehow managed to get fitted with hero units. Units here include: Archer Heroes, Beserk Heroes, Ghols, Heron Guard Hero, Mortar Dwarves, Myrkridia, Wights. Heron Guard Hero is Assassin target. Though the numbers are less, the bloodletting potential is just as great.

This mesh is the whole reason for making this plug-in. It is a "walless" version of my previous map "Stone Heart." The unit selections include: Beserks, Dwarves, Dwarven Pathfinders (invisible), Ghasts, Ghols, Journeyman, Wights. Journeyman is Assassin target.

Final Note on Meshes.
Critics of this map (and there are always those who have nothing but bad to say, be assured) will claim the northwest swamp is "difficult" and uncertain, with tall cypress trees blocking their vision, unseen sinks hiding nasty wights, units getting "bogged" in odd places, and on and on and on...

Grandpappy used to say, "if'n ya ca't take e' wets, 'en git e' ell out e' swamp!"

Beta Testers (to lesser or greater extent) and Other Credits.
I'd like to thank Radicus, Rutanicus, Spline, Frumius Mob, Oogabooga, and Carbuncle the Messy for their input, insights, various contributions, and for letting beat the snot out of them on my own maps. =)
I'd also like to acknowledge Charles Holt for his so very important book (the Myth 2 Handbook). Thanks to my fellow Idiots (www.idiotcollective.com) for their input and support. Lastly, I'd like to thank my boss for letting me make maps at work (and paying me), and wife for letting me idle my life away playing games and generally having fun...

Copyright in whole or in part 1998 Bungie Software. Plugin created using Bungie's Fear and Loathing Programming.

Plug-in made by-
Knights of the Red Order

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