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Bowman Captain by Sycorax

This unit doesn't replace anything, it's basically for map
makers who want to see a new unit, that is balanced. The
Bowman Captain is kind of a Bowman Hero, but has differances
most notable is the stoning arrow which like the Captain of
M1 stones units on contact, only way to unstone a unit is to heal em.
Other differances are these have a bit more life, and their
shots are more line drive not much of an arc, which makes them
useless on walls like on cracks on the cloudspine, but helps
the less of an arc means more speed, which means more damage.
I suggest that anyone that puts it in a map uses only 1 or 2, anymore
would unbalance it, least in my opinion, if you use him in your map,
please give credit to me.

This unit was made with Fear&Loathing copyright for Fear and Loathing
is a Trademark of Bungie Software.

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