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Borderwatch version 1.1
by Modest of Hexographica
September 26, 2000

**** This plugin is designed for use with Myth II: Soulblighter ****
**** It also REQUIRES the use of the Hexotagset 2.0 plugin ****
**** http://www.hexographica.com/myth ****


I. Plugin Information
II. Installation and Activation
III. Map Information
A: The Story...
B: Map Features
C: Mesh unit selections
IV. The Creators
V. Special Thanks
VI. Copyright Information


Title : Borderwatch_v1.1
Filename : Borderwatch.zip
Plugin Name : Borderwatch_v1.1
Author : Modest
Email Address : modest@hexographica.com
Website : http://www.hexographica.com/myth
Description : This map plugin allows for use of the
map Borderwatch with Myth II: Soulblighter.
It requires the Hexotagset v2.0 to operate.


Unzip the file 'Borderwatchv1.0.zip' using either Winzip or Stuffit Expander. Next place the file 'Borderwatchv1.0' in the Myth2_SB\plugins\ directory. To activate the plugin, run the program 'Myth II.exe' and select 'Multiplayer' from the options screen. Then host a game via TCP/IP or on bungie.net. While on the host options screen, select 'Plugins...'. Select the plugin 'Hexotagset 2.0' and click the right arrow button to move it to the 'Active' list, then select 'OK'. Finish by selecting 'Borderwatch' and the remaining game options. You are now ready to play.


The river K'irn drops out of the cloudspines on the border between the province of Strand, and the untamed lands. Many small fortresses are scattered along it's banks. Small regiments are still assigned to these waystations though the wars are over. Occasionally, pride overcomes honor and rival commanders will send thier troops across the river to prove thier superiority and perhaps win favor with the king. Not to be outdone, the opposing banks forces muster to meet the challenge of the Borderwatch.

B. Map Features...
Borderwatch is a team map. All 4 meshes have 2 starting locations. The map spans a section of river that cuts a deep trough through the mountains. Steep cliff faces rise above the churning waters. Two fortresses face each other across the valley left by the K'irn. The season is a golden autumn. There was at one time a nifty prisoners game on this but I never got it to work correctly so I removed it.


Borderwatch Rivals (Light)
Tradable Units:
Bowmen 12/18
Dwarves 04/06
Berserks 08/14
Warriors 16/24
Pikemen 10/20
Cavalry 04/06
Journeymen 01/02

Borderwatch Fiends (Dark)
Tradable Units:
Soulless 12/18
Trow 01/02
Myrkridia 06/12
Stygian Knights 10/16
Spiders 10/20
Myrmidons 18/24
Fetch 04/06
Wights 02/03
A shade is the assassin target, he has one dream-cube

Borderwatch Fracas (Mixed)
Tradable Units:
Bowmen 12/18
Ghols 08/14
Heron Guards 10/16
Mauls 06/10
Warlocks 01/03
Brigands 18/24
Dwarven Heroes 02/04
Wights 02/03
the hexo Catapult is the assassin target

Borderwatch Slugfest
Tradable units:
Wights 2/6
Thrall 24/30
Dwarves 2/4
Journeymen 2/3 heroic up
Ghols 6/12 Legendary only

Ghast (18) are both the assassin targets, and the stampede critters


Who did what?

Modest made the colormap..twisted it in loathing...feared a few scenery items...ambered some model textures...tested....took the texture photos.....photoshopped em up.....placed units and scenery and such....designed....sweated over...tested.....cryed over....etc....

Pimpy chose the unit selections and balanced them

Chikitilo, Angus, DrunkBoB...gave much love and support

The Forest Giant was made by Mormith
Myrmidons ported by Chikitilo
Swineherd by Bungie
Bridge models are from "Chimera" by Badlands...how I miss those guys.

Oh ! theres also a blank Borderwatch Mesh with flags and scenery already placed, so you COULD make your own mesh pretty easy!! Long live Myth and Third Party Maps. Mapping is as much fun as playing!


A special thanks to all the multitudes of beta testers that have tested our incredibly laggy and buggy plugins and maps: our homies and former members Lemur Lord and Badthrall, all the prime guys (Angus, Beerman, Siclops, Apple G3, Rem, Banshee, Wallace, and Ulric), Carbon, Periodic, Cataclysm, Tino, Attaboy Skip!, Conner, Mechjock, Zeronova, Hungry Ghol, Losk,The ODC:Myngus, Duste, Creepy, MrJoe, Warcrow, all the Creation folks (especially Ares, Clem, Milk Man). Also thanks to the Vista guys (especially fisj and iggy popped), Manus Celer Dei, and Santa's Head for help and testing along the way. And a big thanks to everyone we missed here, and you know who you are. And if you bothered to read this far a big thanks to you!


This software is Copyright (c)1999, 2000, All Rights Reserved.
Hexographica. The members of Hexographica recognize the pre-existing rights and
responsibilities of Bungie Software Products Corporation ("Bungie").
All appropriate software and graphics Copyright (c)1996-2000, All Right
Bungie Software Products Corporation. Portions of the
software made with Bungie licensed tools or generally published documentation remain under the prior license agreements for the use
of those software products. Myth: The Fallen Lords, Myth II: Soulblighter, Fear and Loathing Copyright (c)1996-2000. All Rights Reserved. Bungie Software Products Corporation.

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