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Death or Honor (-DoH-) Proudly Presents..

Bordering on Insanity 2.0 (Official Release)

Created by Krioni of The Wight Foundation (TWF).
Pre-Game Graphic by Thoran of Bad Mo Fo (BMF).
Blind Game blatently stolen from Raisin Barn (Grade A Map by Ferrex of the Codex)

(without the 1.1 in the Game Map Title, with the 1.1, also formerly known as Death on the Borderlands 1.0, during beta testing)

Use this instead of any previous version, as of Aug 3nd, 11pm EDT. Replaces insanity.gor.

This is, obviously, based on Creep on the Borderlands, but with a few interesting changes (well, interesting to me). The Amazon Fetch, Wighty Mice, Ghol Adepts, Wind Clerics, and Stimulant Thrall are my inventions, and were made to add to the fun, without unbalancing the game. If you tested an earlier version, you'll notice the absence of the magi/warlocks. They were just too much. I may make a different map using them, or a weakened version, depending on if the original creator of them makes an update. Just for fun, I also added King of the Hill as a game option, since the two teams are equal distance from the center. This option makes the flag games less like Body Count, as the win is based on time of possession, not who wipes out the other enough to hold it at the end.


There is some problem with the mesh near the deep water just south-west of the center flag. I can't fix mesh passability
problems, so I can only warn you. If you run a ghol too close to the deep water there, he might get stuck, so remember that.

Starting Units

2/3 Trow regular 24 points
30/45 Stim Thrall faster, are almost immune to lightning 3 points
4/10 Ghol Adepts faster, tougher, almost immune to arrows 4 points
2/4 Wind Clerics modest distance-heal, faster, 8 heals 8 points
3/6 Wighty Mice tiny, fast wights; drop 6 satchels, which
(very nasty blind) sometimes are hit by big bits and
detonate. 8 points
18/27 Archer Heroes regular 5 points
20/30 Berzerk Heroes regular 6 points
6/9 Amazon Fetch fast as warriors, lightning 50% farther 9 points

Future Ideas (Mail krioni@iname.com)

Lots of em, stay tuned..

Thanks To

TWF and BMF members who helped me beta-test this map.
Friends and family for putting up with me being exhausted each day after I worked on this all night.
Kris Amico, Manus Celer Dei, Satan(tm), Cameroon, and all the other guys who make great utilities

Utilities Used

Amber 1.0b
Despair 1.0.1
HexEdit 1.0.7 and 1.2.0
Mesh Inspector Gold
MONS Edit 1.0h+
Mythed 1.0a2 PPC
stli Edit1.0b
Installer (by Manus Celer Dei, based on code by Perrin.)

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