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BorderBerk Killing Spree
The map is a modification of "Creep on the Borderlands". I've always loved playing
that map, but I'm not much of a team player. I'm more the lone wolf type, but I love to
play with a group of people. With that in mind, I made a 4 team variant which required
some changes to the landscape. Some models had to be removed and others exchanged,
but basically I opened up the area in the center at the river so that all the combatants
could easily approach the favored melee' spot. I didn't add a 5th team because I've
found that not many people like to be caught between a rock and a hard place, and that
when I play the 5 starting points games the poor sap in the middle either drops or, like
me, just gets slaughtered. 4=good, 5=bad. Well I guess we're all entitled to our own
opinions. This installment of the Killing Spree project also includes a 2 team variant as
well with the same units, but with the original Creep landscape. The units are Thrall
Fodder: 27 of a possible 37, Warriors (Queens Guard): 16 of a possible 25, Archers (Evil Charmed): 12 of a possible 24, Dwarven Heroes: 6 of a possible 9, Ghol (Eye biter Tribe): 6 of a possible 18, Wight (103rd Fighting Scabs): 1 of 1, Fetch (Tear's Minions): 3 of a possible 4, and lastly Berserks (Tyr's Children): 6 of a possible 15. There are 182 unit trading points per team. There are a couple of reasons I took out the Journeyman, but lets face it, Fetch are more fun. I also took out the extra Wights for balance. I left goodies all over the landscape for the Ghols to pick up, and the Dwarves
and Fetch to blow up ala' VRPP. I also tried to strategically place these items to cause the most nuisance. You do have to be careful with the Fetch! I also suggest looking around the center of the starting points for objects that the Ghols can throw.
Borderland Killing Spree
This is the 1st beta of what was to be followed by two updates. This is still a very
playable map and it only has a couple dominant bugs that I know of. The only real one is
the stuck thrall if you start out as the southeast team (bottom right corner), this was due
to a passability problem. This can be circumvented by trading off all the Thrall and not
adding any Fetch. The points that you gain by trading off the Thrall is the perfect amount
to max out on Berserks. The other problem is one of little significance and this is that the
puss packets which were meant to be picked up by the Ghols at the starting points were
placed (quite accidentally) under other objects, making them impossible to pick up.
Gunderland Killing Spree
This update fixes the stuck thrall problem, the puss packet problem, the model
placement problem (if it ever got noticed anyhow), and the projectile and explosives
placement. I also took the liberty to modify the overhead map (just a little) and the
pregame picture (the one in "Borderland Killing Spree" had some sort of color
blandishment. I think Charlie Brown got a hold of the thing). Also, you'll notice that the
map appears at the top of the menu now. The Net Balls for Captures have been placed
for a more even match, and I've included "King of the Hill" due to many requests.
Borderberk Killing Spree w/ Berks On The Borderlands
This update fixes the bug that made the Fetch, Dwarves, and Archers misfire. It also
repairs the occasional lack of inflicted damage in a melee'. There was also something
that no one ever mentioned to me, NO BLOOD (red blood). Fixed! Many people firmly
believe that Creep should be a 2 team game with 3 people on each team. With this in
mind I decided to add a new variant to my map. It uses my unit selection and has
"boom-booms" as my friend calls them littering the landscape much like the 4 team
variant. This map is played most often by the group of people who tend to play in Scales
using "Berk" in their title's name. Hence, I've named this map in their honor, because
they've honored me.

I think that about covers it. Have fun!
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