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MYTH II: the BONES of FEROS scenery tagset pack Volume II

Scenery Tags

This volume includes 5 scenery objects found scattered about varoius maps in the BONES of FEROS.
These are meant to used freely in your own custom maps. I simply ask that you do not alter the artwork.

All models (with the exception of the Oak Tree) were rendered with the maximum number of facings allowed(36). While this may slightly increase the tagset's size, orbiting these objects while they smoothly maintain their perspective is well worth it.

These object tagsets include:

1. Dhemori Barricade- A tall, spiked monolith, good for barriers, but will allow dwarves to chuck their cocktails through them. This attribute is easily adjusted in Fear.

2. Dhemori Barricade- A smaller pole-like barrier.

3. Firepit- It's well, a small firepit stocked with logs.

4. Dhemori Guard Tower- A sturdy tower used to maintain the defense of Tohm Dador. It would be a great place to place a Dwarf. Hmmm......

5. Dhemori Great Oak- A very large gnarly oak, found throughout the Ara-Kedi frontier.

Simple Instructions

1. On your local hard drive, find the Myth II folder.

2. Inside the Myth II folder is another folder called local. The local folder is where all your Myth II custom tagsets are stored. If you do not already have a local folder, you can simply place the one supplied there, and skip to step 5.

3. Rename this folder, or move it somewhere safe.

4. Replace it with the local folder that came with this Tagset Pack.

5. You can now access these scenery objects, and place them into your custom Mtyh II maps using Loathing.


If you are experiencing errors with the tagsets themselves, let me know, and I will get you a fixed copy as soon as possible.

If you need more help finding out how to use Bungie's Fear and Loathing, there is plenty of information worth digging around for. The Vista Mapmaking Guild hosts a wealth of information at http://vista.theresistance.net/,as well as The Mill http://mill.bungie.org/. Also, the Myth II Handbook contains some good info for budding mapmakers.

-Cw swirly@mpinet.net

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