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Blunt Force Trauma 

A Myth map by Circumflex (circ@vrabbits.com - http://www.vrabbits.com)

Hola, I made this map to have fun with Myth. I wanted to make a map that is tailored to my game preferences so that I could win a game once in a while. Starting from drawings I made three months ago on DC's Metro, I revised the map and susequent original mesh over 300 times. I saved every iteration of every file and wound up with 1 gigabyte of data for this one map.

The map is a Terries, Flag Rally and Captures oriented map for free for alls. But! I found it to be a good map for two team play and made the appropriate meshes (complete with Trow). Also, the map lended its selt well to Ghol Riot and Dorf Riot. I also have invented a new type of game where everyone starts at the same end of the map and the LMOTH flag is on the other end. It is based on the surge soda commercials, so when you here "surge!" ya better run!

Good Ghol tactics are vital by the way.

There are 7 meshes in all.

Surge! (4 teams)
Light (5 teams)
Dark (5 teams)
Teams, Light (2 teams)
Teams, Dark (2 teams)
Dorf riot (10 teams)
Ghol Riot (10 teams)

The surge variant has two KotH flags. Both keep time, but posession of both only accumulates normal time. If you have one flag and some other guy has the other flag, you both get time. It is in your best interest to have both flags. Good luck!


There are many people to thank for their assistance for making this map possible...

Big thanks to kentaro for being a good friend and downloading every beta :)
Many thanks to the rest of the VR clan for testing and being honest when something sucked real bad.

Many thanks to Soulsbane for his random rain script! It adds a lot to the map.
Big thanks to Fisj for giving me his cobblestones to use on my map.
Thanks to El Bastard for his invaluable advice, direction and assistance.
Thanks and spanks to Pallor for keepin' it spicy and for her "suggestions."

A big shout of respect to all of the programmers who made the editors which I used to make the map. You've all done a lot of work for zero dollars, thanks for your efforts. This especially goes to Zarquon and Kanen Faud'r who's work on Piri Reis made this map possible.

Thanks to Bungie for a great game and for their time to answer my stoopid questions.


Map art is tuf™

The river is from Death in the Dire Marsh and is tweaked to fit.
The rocks faces are from For Carnage Apply Within.
The high traffics areas are from some map, but are processed to hell.
The pregame pictures are from the pregame animations and post game graphics.
The Surge logo and sound are from www.surge.com.

Anything I have borrowed is not owned by me and is the exclusive universal property of someone else as mention above. I just put things together.

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