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Blue Moon on the Wabe

Description: Blue Moon on the Wabe is that once in a Blue Moon that you have a game
with almost no or no duds at all and your arcs actually have good aim. Besides
being set at night Blue Moon is same as Gimble except set under a bright Blue Moon
and there are virtually no duds puss or bombs*(sometimes the puss will dud)*. Plus
arcs have perfect aim. The arcs have 0 initial velocity error. What that means is
that arcs will always hit a stationary or constant moving target. (aim for
something if it doesn't move you will hit it.) It doesn't mean that they won't
miss. It just gives more control to the player. So when you are in an arc fight and
you and your opponent are dodging and shooting you can use control click instead of
letting the comp aim ( if you control click a spot the arc will hit right on every
time the spot you click on). So it actually makes it harder to hit a target that is
dodging if you are using the comp to aim. As you know sometimes you try to dodge an
arrow but because the shot was off at the start you end up walking into it, but if
you stand still with the settings on this game you will get hit every time. So this
encourages you to dodge and to aim by using control click instead of letting the
comp aim for you. Thus giving you more control over your arcs and where they shot.

* So if you just lost to a newbie rush because you threw 3 duds in a row and your
arcs couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Play this and forget about the fact
that duffs have been making bombs for 100 yrs and still can't get it right and that
half the arcs seem cross eyed. The duffs and arcs here know what they are doing.


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