; Mythgraveyard

Thanks for downloading

Instructions :
Put this plugin in your plugin folder
Wich lives in the myth folder
Witch lives in your hard drive
Witch lives in your computer
Witch lives in your house
Wich you should know wher that is
Host a b.net game or a game on a LAN
Gl and hf
The units :
Banded Wasp #1 (no mana)
Just like a spider exept it can fly
Banded Wasp #2 (with mana)
this is a mutated wasp
that has the ability to shoot
its poison coated sting
the sting slighly confuses the target
and their skin begins to rot
witch makes them a nasty purple color

Note : steal the bacon is a different gametype
THIS steal th bacon is last man standing
(the last one that lives wins)

A swimsuit
A bodybag
A computer
A brain (optional
The Map :
A exotic beach really pretty :)
Cost :
1 e-mail if you do not send me an e-mail
i will sue you :)
Special Thanks:
Soma (textures)
Creation(cool forum)
PPL that use the creation forum
gave me the idea of purple units
Fine Print :
Copyright in full or in part by bungie software
mad with bungie's fear and loathing by Sirius(bnetslayer@yahoo.com)

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