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-Blood Makes the Grass Grow (Final)
-A Myth2 Solo/Coop Map
by: t o x y n (e-mail: obolus.death@gmail.com)
-Release Date: 4/22/07


Fixes in Final Version:
-Added 2 New Map Actions.
-Fixed various lingering terrain, passability and media height issues.


Quick Info:

This is my first try at a solo/coop map, well, my first try at scripting, period. My true intentions are to create a new multiplayer gametype for M2, which I'll start to bring up in the months to come. I needed a starting point to teach myself how to script levels and get some real experience with Fear & Loathing. That's where this map comes in. I wanted to use this map as a way to work on as many map-making aspects as possible.

This map isn't perfect. There were some things I didn't mess with because I'm currently a little short on time with the MWC07 stuff as well as working with Renwood and OogaBooga on the TWA project. Not to mention, life outside of Myth. The biggest thing you may notice is that the Bezerker King doesn't cast a shadow and could use more sounds. I didn't make that unit, and it didn't come with a whole lot of sounds in the first place. Its a damn cool unit to use though! If I had more time, I would have tried to figure out the shadow problem and added more sounds. Sorry folks. For the most part, the map is solid with regards to construction though. I spent a lot of time in Loathing trying to make sure pathfinding wouldn't be a problem while playing, and also trying to make it a smooth map to play. I've heard complaints of it being laggy for some people at times, but I couldn't really do much to fix that. I took out a lot of scenery objects, and some unnecessary local projectiles, but some people still manage to lag during heavy combat. The map has a lot of water/media, and a lot of enemies. If you lag, you should probably upgrade. =)

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy playing the level. Please note the credits below! Thanks for downloading!



ее Creation ее
Creators of the following units: Troll (Forest Troll), Orcan (Mutant Warrior), Legionary (Legion Elite Soldier), Elven Archeress (Mutant Slave). All of these units were originally featured in their awesome project, The Seventh God. Also used was their fir'Bolg Huntsman unit which was originally featured in their 'Legend of Gor-Ash' project.

ее Road and Tarous Zars (http://mythaddict.atvcowboy.com) ее
Creators of the following units: Perrin Aybara (Bezerker Shaman) and the Frost Giant (Bezerker King). All 3rd party units and scenery were downloaded at the 'Mapmaking Resources' page at the Myth Addicts website, see above for the address.

ее Badlands ее

Creators of the following scenery items: River Fort Tree, originally featured in their 'Chimera' expansion pack for Myth2.

ее TheDigitalCowboy ее

Creator of the 'Bones of Feros' solo project. This map uses various scenery items made by TDC for his Feros project.

Thanks to:

Vinylrake for his site (mything.org), the info stored at your site has been a major help! Everyone at ProjectMagma (projectmagma.net) and the nice folks who browse the Magma forums and answered my questions. OogaBooga for his help and tips on using Fear. Khadrelt, Frumious, Elfinstone and all the others who helped test out the map and provided very valuable feedback.

BMTGG was made with: Bungie's Fear & Loathing, Vista Cartel's Jade and Adobe Photoshop CS.

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