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Bleakstone Marsh v1.1

On the edges of the Deep Mire, the forces of light battle against the entrenched undead summoned there by their warlock masters.

My first map for Myth II is now available for public release. Bleakstone Marsh includes all game types except Hunting and a new unit, the Warlock of Plague. Different unit mixes are available at different difficulty levels:

Timid Dwarves, Thrall, Wights (Slugfest configuration)
Simple Ghols
Normal Archers
Heroic Warlock of Plague
Legendary Heron Guards

Also, in Stampede! games only, the Dwarven Novice unit appears as the stampede unit. The results of 4 teams of 18 dwarves with poor aim stampeding into the same area are left for you to determine. :)

All suggestions, bug reports, comments, etc are welcome at remus@netcom.com.

Copyright information: None. I think it's kind of silly to hold copyright on game maps I plan on releasing free to the public. In that spirit, if anyone wants the plugins for the mesh or any of the new units so they can use them, just contact me.

Have fun with Bleakstone Marsh!

1.1 -- Fixed Territories bug.

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