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	                                             Blades of the Realm meshpack 1
by Alric S.

Just stick it in your plugins folder along with the Realm-UnitsTagset, start a multiplayer game, and choose the mesh that appeals to you.

The meshes are:

-Cold Tides of Despair
4 start free-for-all, units optimized for both regular Myth and for Blades of the Realm. Game types are BC, LMOTH, KOTH, Terries, Scav. Hunt, and STB. Units include Thrall, Brigands, Archers, Mortar Dwarves, Wights, Soulless, and a Trow on Legendary!!!
-Highland Battle
2 start battle, the same game types as above with the addition of CTF. This mesh is optimized for Blades of the Realm and could CRASH if the tagset is not active. If you just downloaded the map and not the tagset, you're missing a lot of fun! Get the Realm-UnitsTagset now!!! With the tagset, you get units like Wolves, Wargs, Trow, Archer Ghosts, Soulless, Brigands, Soldiers, and more!
-Realm Tournament
8 start recon-type map, regular Myth and Blades units too. Units (regular) are 4 Warriors and 2 Archers. Don't choose unit trading for this map, or everyone's time will be wasted. With the Realm tagset you get 4 lichen and 2 knights.
-Realm Arena
Same as above with 4 Ghols and 2 Mortar Dwarves. With the Tagset, you get 2 warlocks and 4 thrall. On both this and tournament, you must explore the map.

Easter Eggs
There are one or two, but they are not that great...

Legal Stuff

Copyright 2000 Bungie Software made with Bungie's Fear and Loathing(along with some other great apps and cool beta testers) by Alric Stormking -3C-. Blades of the Realm copyright 2000 Alric Stormking(stormdragging@aol.com)

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