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Black Bat Forest II
Author Unknown
Created in August of 2002

From the original read me:

This map has five starts on a modified version of Bungie's "Through the Ermine," and is composed of a unique and challenging unit set. It also includes a few new models of rocks, monuments, and cool Dorf statue!

You get one Storm Warlock (one of the coolest units, ever; see below), some Chimera Bonemen (see below), a Wight, and a few Archers. On the Assassin mesh, the Baron is the target.

The plugin supports Assassin, Body Count, Capture the Flag, Flag Rally, King of the HIll, Last Man On the Hill, Steal the Bacon, and Territories.

No unit can cross the river apart from the Bonemen and Storm Warlock. This only usually comes into play only during Territories and Flag Rally, and it creates sow interesting problems.

There are many bats, some of which will be unfortunate enough to come too close when the Storm Warlock does his thing. The presence of scenery makes for challenges with missile units and melee alike. On the flag games, flag placement will result in fun and sometimes prolonged battles, especially wit the flags that are across the river.

Storm Warlock

The Storm Warlock is from a plugin called "Fun with Contrails" created by Anton Mates (aka SiliconDream) . This description os from his original read me file: As their primary attack, Storm Warlocks warlocks create a stationary thundercloud over their target that periodically discharges bolts of lightning at any nearby units. It will even attack its creator, although storm warlocks can't be directly hurt by their own clouds' lightning. The cloud dissipates after about thirty seconds. Their special attack is a localized (100-foot radius) windstorm that does no damage but blows airborne projectiles off course and hurls objects on the ground into the air. Fragile objects like corpses may be torn apart by the winds, plants may be uprooted, and explosives may be set off as they're battered against the ground. The direction of the wind is random and constantly changing, but is generally outward from the center of the storm. Storm warlocks use their command over the winds to hover in the air, and can float over steep terrain or deep water. Because they're not grounded, they take very little damage from electrical attacks; they also recover faster from paralysis, since their motions are governed more by the winds they control than by their own muscles. How it's done: The warlock fires an invisible projectile at the target; when it hits, it promotes into a projectile with negative gravity, which rises into the air and then promotes into the cloud projectile group. You'll notice that the cloud fires two types of lightning, frequent small bolts and infrequent large bolts. The cloud is actually composed of two projectiles, one which appears as the darker center of the cloud and one as the lighter surrounding part; each of these has a different kind of lightning for its contrail, with "choose nearby target" checked. The attack radius of the lightning, a few yards, seems to be hardwired into the game and doesn't change if you change the "nearby target radius" box. For the windstorm effect, the warlock fires an invisible projectile which, when it hits, promotes into a lot of projectiles which travel outward quickly (high random velocity), then promote into the final windstorm projectiles. These are stationary and detonate randomly over the next twenty seconds. Their explosions do not harm monsters and do very little damage, but have a large radius and an extremely high damage-to-velocity value. Since the detonation points are widely scattered, objects in the storm area get knocked every which way. (If you need a visual aid to see how this works, go into Fear and give the "warlock windstorm" projectile a visible detonation group, like a fireball explosion.)

Chimera Bonemen

From the Chimera scenario, created by Badlands, ported as an individual unit by GodzFire . Most of you know what they do and how they work (basically like a weaker for of skeleton Zerk).


Standard archer.


More powerful wight, with more pus and a purple color to its guts.


Dwarf Statue by KVLtv

Monument rocks by Rune.

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