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Bitter and Cold
By Alpha co (Jim Stadler)
Units by Santa's Head
You must use the Titans plugin on this map

This is Snow Creek plain and simple. It was a practice for Defensive Formations that turned out to be really fun to play. I only changed a few things like allowing the units to walk up more of the sloped areas. The assassin wolf and the winter sniper are in this map. This is where they got their start.
On the A-2 and A-4 itís a blood bath in the making. Your starts have more then enough pick ups to level a small city. Choose well. :0)
You have trading in A-4 and 2 so you can have up to 5 tanks. The sniper and cannons are not traded.
So for those of you like myself, who really enjoyed playing Snow Creek, this is a blast. If you never liked that levelÖ Try Defensive Formations.
Alpha co

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