; Mythgraveyard


By Head Hunter

to use put plugin file in yer plugins folder and hold shift while starting a new game, there should
be a level at the top called Bitter Revenge.

This level takes place at the same time as my other level "The Ultimate Battle" (right after Shiver
"supposedly" died along with The Deceiver) but this level takes place south of Silvermines (again,
where Shiver and The Deceiver were thought to be killed. Soulblighter is writing in his journal
when one of his scounts show up and say that Alric and The Deceiver are setting up a camp.
Soulblighter grabs a handful of monsters and gets ready for battle.

Copyright 2000 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation
Created by Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Head Hunter

Hints are below
The Shade's energon cube is in the north-west part of the map, behind a tent.
If you are having trouble going the main route (the bottom of the map to the west then up) try going
through the mountain range and sneak up on behind the army.

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