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Big Bang v1.2 is a very simple map. It is a dorf riot on Bungie's map "Venice"
Big Bang has 3 meshes:

Dorf riot-features 6 dwarves(3 dwarven heros-3 dwarven mortar heros)
airstrike-features 8 dwarven pathfinders(6 normal level or below,7 heroic level)
slugfest-features regular dwarves, thrall and wights.

Nothing was done to alter the map except for some expolding scenery in the 3 forts. This is a fun little map for those of us who love to play a good dorf riot.

This map was made with Fear & Loathing Copyright 1998 Bungie Software Products Corporation. The Dwarven Pathfinders were taken from the map "Amsterdam" by KVLtv with his permission.

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