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Beyond The Reefs V1.2

Notes on Version 1.2

Before anything thanks guys for the feedback when I posted.
Unfortunately I don't have the time I would like to do this things, but the feedback was so good I managed to escape reality for a while and worked a little on the things you said:

- I Lowered the brightness of the foam and added a little bit of texture to it(though it lost its vividness it won't hurt the eye)

-I changed the script so now the pirates attack on a faster pace...the problem is killing the bastards on normal or higher without time to place satchel charges...

-I killed a couple of seagulls(I also hate them!!! I put them on the edges of the map so they fly over the sea, to create the sense of something alive on the sea and after a couple of seconds they all get together on the center of the island, just where combat is....damn the curious things....I don't get that soaring thing...anybody knows how to control the area where they fly?)

-A quick drawing(sorry the bad quality but I did it in 30 minutes and saved it in 170x 190 so I had afterwards to blow it up...) for the postgame so you guys know how many bastards you killed...

-I placed invisible observers all over the place so when The pirates kill you all(he he) you can see them cheering...

- And Clem: Look at the road on the left of the table, the one that comes up the hill towards where the brigands form at the begining and the camera pans...is that sort of OK? If it is, then I understood what you told me and you are totally right...it changes the thing completely!
Don't have time now for doing that on the hole map, but I will eventually for another script on the same one...

Thank you guys!!!!!!!
I wouldn't even sit here again in the computer without all that good feedback!!
Hope you Enjoy!!!!!!!

Map Description:

A lovely island surrounded by a blue swirling sea and reef.
Defend the top of the cliff from marauding Pirates(berzerks and poachers) with your army of cannons(that can move and have only 20 rounds of ammo) , dwarf heros, and slow and weak brigands..

To use it just place the plugin in the plugin folder of the Myth II folder.
Click on New Games pressing the shift key and voila!

I'ts a shame I have a PC and I cannot make new units...I would have loved to make at least a couple of nasty sharks...

I enjoyed playing with Fear and Loathing and many others for the first time in my life due to a broken leg and some spare time last december 2001...And started on this map from scratch on december 29th.

When I started on the script and story I got more than busy with real life...
So here goes a simple script, and solo game so I can post it quickly and avoid keeping it in the shadow for ever.

Hope you like it...I really do.

I didn't even had time to test it properly...so please forgive me if any bugs come along the way, but I'll promise to try to fix them if good feedback comes along.

Many, many thanks to all the tutorial writers who helped me understand the more than complicated programs, specially Master map maker Clem, and bryce tutorial by Mara James.
Everything done thanks to FEAR! and LOATHING! in las vegas...

Carlos M.(carlinho)

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