; Mythgraveyard

"...With in these ancient walls we were left, and now our tortured souls can never rest. Forever to battle, forever to die, we are the warriors and souls left in a lie..."

What is this map, well it could be a figment of your imagination...or is it of mine? Beyond Death, to my knowledge, is the first functioning Ghost map. Also to my knowledge it is the first indoor map to employ water with in itŐs halls. ItŐs a medium to large sized indoor map. It has many adjoining halls and large rooms for open conflicts. But those same halls can be you worst enemy. Doorways provide many great choke points for battle and other such tactics. Also, Projectiles pass through the ghosts, so one arrow and go through 3...4...5 separate targets. Any way, I hope you will like it and I hope it will be a hit. Oh and if you have any bugs to report, please do, and i will upgrade ASAP.

Sir Lister of Smeg

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: SyberSmoke, sybersmk@cogswell.edu

With this the creator of this map openly relinquishes all rights making the plugin and all data conatined with in public domain. The creator of this plugin is not responsible for any missuse of the units or techniques demonstarated with in any material contained. Finalty, the creator of this plugin openly supports open sorcing of software and dose hope others will follow.

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