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Beserks to Hos
A Plugin by: Sinister Minister

Okee Dokee kidees. This is my plugin which is my way of sticking it to all those people who is convertin' unitz from Myth I to Myth II. Now, they all iz convertin' the popular unitz, but what about the unpopular ones? I have converted the topless female 'zerk to Myth II. This is possibly the coolest, yet ugliest thing you will ever see. The original creator of these sprites iz unknown, but I'd greatly appreciate it if you asked me before using these in a map. I am going to be releasing a map which features these and some other of my creations. This plugin turns all yer 'zerks into hos, which are like zerk heroes with the woman sprite. They also have a nifty distance attack. Also included is the regular unit to use on your maps (ask first though please).

How to use: Drop in plugins folder. In the options menu for multiplayer games select plugins. Then select 'zerks to hos and click "make active." That's all

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Products Software Corporation. Created by Bungie's Fear and loathing by: Sinister Minister (sinisterminister@mindless.com)

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